The best hotels in Barcelona to book for high-design stays that are surrounded by history

The best hotels in Barcelona to book for high-design stays that are surrounded by history

There are few locations in the world that you can hand on heart say offer the best of both worlds (a beach to sunbathe on and a city to explore). Barcelona is one of said few locations, and arguably the best. With its long stretching beaches – which feature the softest, most powdery sand by the way – and its grid-like system of buildings, the capital of Catalonia steals the hearts of around 32 million visitors each year.

Renowned for its Gothic Spanish architecture, such as the Sagrada Família created by the famous Gaudí, Barcelona is as picturesque as they come. If you’re a fan of places like Italy, Ibiza and Malta then you’ll be pleased to know that you can find much of the same redeeming features in this city; think nightlife, rich history, good weather and delicious food. Sound good? Dust your weekend bag off and follow us – we’ve found 12 of the best hotels in Barcelona for you to book ASAP.

Unless you plan on going in January, when temperatures are still around the 15 degrees Celsius mark, you’ll be needing all the summer dresses, sandals, SPF and bikinis that you can fit into your suitcase. The question is, where do you stay? There are choices upon choices and it really depends on the area of Barcelona that you’re most keen on seeing.

Despite what you’d think, it’s actually a pretty big city. Want something practically on top of the basilica? Hotel Barcelona 1882 is your stay. It’s literally 450 yards from the historical building and features terrace views you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want something closer to the beach, try Hotel Arts Barcelona. Resplendent on the seafront in the heart of the Olympic Port is where you’ll find the five-star abode. With its recognisable ‘exoskeleton’ tower, soaring over the famous Frank Gehry fish sculpture that glistens on Barceloneta beach, the hotel combines cool, contemporary design with old school glamour and traditional service. The perfect union.

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