Selena Gomez is currently breaking all the winter manicure rules

Selena Gomez is currently breaking all the winter manicure rules

When it comes to beauty, Selena Gomez can really do no wrong. Even though this time of year is associated with being merry and bright and festivals of light, unspoken beauty tradition usually means making darker choices. Spent the summer highlighted? A rich, chocolate-brown hair colour makes for a classic autumn and winter look.

Gave into the glazed-donut nail trend while it was warm out? This time of year has always meant a switch to vampy nail colors. But, once again, Selena Gomez is showing us that she couldn’t care less what time of year it is — this time with her manicure.

I say “once again” because, in case you missed it over the weekend, the multi-hyphenate revealed that she’s traded in her dark brown hair for a stunning highlighted look that framed her face in golden-blonde pieces — something many people do before summer, not winter. And it seems her nails are following suit.

Gomez’s favorite nail artist, Tom Bachik, posted a gorgeous close-up to his Instagram grid showing his latest work on the entertainer and entrepreneur. In the photo, although we don’t see Gomez’s face, we can see she’s wearing silver bracelets atop a white, long-sleeve top. And her manicure is a perfect match for those sleeves: a perfect, simple shade of true white.

She’s currently wearing her nails on the shorter side — pretty normal for her lately when you look back on her recent no-makeup-makeup nails — with an ever-so-slightly rounded tip. It’s a perfect canvas for an unexpectedly light colour this time of year.

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But when you think about it, this manicure is about as wintry as it gets. Like Bachik says in the caption, it’s a “snow white” manicure. And it’s nice to get a little touch of winter wonderland especially when you spend a lot of time in snow-free Hollywood.

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