Selena Gomez has been keeping some secrets from us, but she’s finally willing to share

Selena Gomez has been keeping some secrets from us, but she’s finally willing to share

We did not have all this tea spilling in our bingo cards for 2023, but amidst announcing her new relationship, Selena Gomez has just dropped some major gems in this exclusive interview for GLAMOUR, including a big Rare Beauty launch (more on that later).

“We tend to all be hard on ourselves at way too young of an age. The older I’ve gotten the more comfortable in my own skin I’ve become and knowing I am enough,” says Selena. The 31 year-old has faced her fair share of mental health woes, but she always seems to come through to the other side.

Sure, the burnout is real – and celebrity or not, Selena is not immune to the end-of-year slump, when we’re all just simply running out of gas. One of her remedies for this is a little unorthodox, though. “Scary movies always transport me away from any stress I’m feeling in the moment, but I know they’re not for everyone,” she says as she catches up with GLAMOUR on the year, and to debrief on all things beauty and mental health.

Failing that, Selena shares how she’s cuddling up to cosy season, turning to her inner circle when she’s seeking true comfort and escapism. “Being surrounded by people I love always brings me true comfort. But depending on where I am and what my schedule is like, I also find comfort in small things like lighting a candle or cuddling my dogs,” she explains.

Like the rest of us, Selena Gomez is in her cosy girl era. Amidst spending time with her new boo, and strolling the streets in matching thigh-high boots with BFF Taylor Swift, she’s been cooking up a brand new drop with Rare Beauty, to insulate the mindset of herself and others from outside noise – enter Find Comfort, which drops on Space NK from 18th December. The next phase for her brand sees her move into two entirely new categories – hair and body. It’s a secret Selena’s been keeping under wraps for ages, but we’re one of the first she’s shared the full intel with.

Think cosy, cashmere, comfy and calm – ‘Find Comfort’ is everything you’d hope for from Rare Beauty this winter season. It features four products that Selena has revealed she swears by for a pick-me-up. Her latest move was an intentional choice after leaning into the tools she turns to herself to soothe her. “I created these products with the ways I like to take care of myself in mind,” she tells GLAMOUR.

In the mix you’ll find the uplifting Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist (£28) with notes of sparkling lemon zest, soft jasmine, and smooth cashmere wood, the Find Comfort Hydrating Body Lotion (£28), the pampering Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream (£18) and the oh-so-relaxing Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen (£20) made with a natural blend of peppermint, lavender, and tonka bean to de-stress.

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