Sabrina Carpenter looks like a real-life Polly Pocket in her heart cut-out mini dress

Sabrina Carpenter looks like a real-life Polly Pocket in her heart cut-out mini dress

Sabrina Carpenter has become known for a few things: her catchy earworm Espresso, her adorable relationship with actor Barry Keoghan, and her ultra-feminine style.

During her recent set at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City on June 9, 2024, Carpenter’s outfit stayed in line with the other girly, coquette-type silhouettes she typically wears. But this time, Carpenter had a cute cut-out detail that screamed real-life Barbie doll.

The Nonsense singer took the stage wearing a yellow, strapless bodycon mini dress that was layered in sequins. The star of the outfit was the heart-shaped cutout in the centre of Carpenter’s chest, which looked like it would be something straight off of a Bratz doll. The heart coordinated with her bedazzled mic that also had a heart on it.

Carpenter paired the outfit with a pair of sky-high platform silver heels and white lace-trimmed socks that really topped off the ensemble’s girlish theme.

Marleen Moise

Sabrina Carpenter has been busy performing all around the world this year, going through the festival circuit and also being one of Taylor Swift’s openers during the international leg of the Eras Tour. She performed at Coachella in April, singing her now-hit single Espresso live for the first time. At the Gov Ball on Saturday, Carpenter gave fans another new live song — this time, it was her most recent single, Please Please Please which will be on her upcoming sixth studio album Short n’ Sweet, arriving in August.

In true Sabrina Carpenter form, the singer also had a new, ultra-horny outro for her song, Nonsense, according to fan footage. This time, she honoured Pride Month in the way only she can: “Do I text him back it’s such a tough call/ That won’t fit inside me bro I’m dumb small/ People who hate pride can suck my gov balls.”

This article originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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