Queen Elizabeth Best Outfits: Queen Elizabeth II Dresses

Queen Elizabeth Best Outfits: Queen Elizabeth II Dresses

Update: Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday 8th September at 96 years of age.

While Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have, of course, made lasting impacts on the fashion industry, when it comes to OG style, there is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth’s best outfits take the crown (pun very much intended).

Queen Elizabeth II was officially the longest-serving monarch and celebrated her Platinum Jubilee this past June. It’s safe to say that in 96 years of being in the public eye, HRH had a lot of practice in the style department, and I can honestly say she never put a sensibly heeled foot wrong.

Even as a child, she was all about smock dresses and sensible pearl necklaces (her father King George VI carried on Queen Victoria’s tradition of gifting his daughters a pearl a year for their birthdays, so they would have a full set by the time they turned 18).

Fast forward a few years, and she was married in one of the most iconic royal wedding dresses of all time, using materials she rationed during the war. In the 1950s, she was known for her impeccable full-skirted dresses and matching hats. After her coronation in 1953, she stepped up her game even further, now being thrown in the spotlight and hosting and attending many balls and events, some of which required ballgowns and tiaras.

Year after year, ribbon cutting after gala diner after state visit, she offers a masterclass in how to stay chic, classic and most importantly of all, appropriately dressed without skimping on colour or glitz when needed. There’s a reason ‘Queen Elizabeth best outfits’ is a popular Google search query, especially bearing in mind that Google wasn’t created until decades after she was born.

Over the years, she has become famous for wearing bright, block colours, pearl necklaces, pristine white gloves, headscarves and plaid skirts. With her instantly recognisable style along with her synonymous Launer handbags, Queen Elizabeth II has even been the inspiration for an entire Dolce & Gabbana collection.

During her long reign, the Queen’s style has certainly evolved. From the smart dress coats she wore as a child to the statement turban-style hats of the 60s, she mixed things up but always remained true to her regal heritage.

One of her most fashionable moments (aside from that stunning wedding dress) came in the form of a stunning white ball gown with floral embellishment for her tour of America. Scroll for more of Queen Elizabeth’s best outfits.

This story has been updated to reflect the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on Thursday 8th September 2022.

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