Provincial girl style is set to be your new summer aesthetic

Provincial girl style is set to be your new summer aesthetic

Now, I know summer aesthetics seem to be a dime a dozen these days, from the Mediterranean inspired tomato girl trend to the nautical yacht girl summer look, it’s hard to pass a week without a new must-have look entering the sartorial zeitgeist. Well I’m about to throw another one into the mix but, rather than claiming it’s the trend to throw all others out the window, I’ll argue the latest aesthetic popping up on our timelines is actually the perfect hybrid of everything that’s come before. 

A culmination of the country-side approved cottagecore trend, the market-loving tomato girl, the soft girl in pursuit of a simple life and, of course, the understated quiet luxury look, I’d like to introduce provincial girl style, a laid-back aesthetic that combines elegant details, light fabrics and rustic inspired accessories to create a chic, summer look. 

(Image credit: @theindiaedit)

So, what is provincial girl style I hear you ask? Well, the aesthetic draws its inspiration from the french countryside meaning rather than preoccupying itself with curated elegance and the overwhelming need to look polished and expensive, it embraces a more natural, free look. Comfort and easy-wearing are of high importance with light, breezy cotton dresses and co-ords being a go-to combination. Lace and broderie anglaise details are also brought in to give the look a soft, feminine feel. 

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