Planning another ear piercing? These are the 13 spots to consider for some new sparkle

Planning another ear piercing? These are the 13 spots to consider for some new sparkle

Leading the charge is Maria Tash, who has created an empire out of intricate and unexpected piercings (and a celeb following that includes the likes of Rihanna, Blake Lively and Zoe Kravitz). Plus brands like Laura Bond, Astrid & Miyu, Tada & Toy, Dinny Hall, Orelia, Matilde Jewellery and Missoma all offer dinky studs, cuffs, hoops and huggies to embellish each piercing beautifully.

So, how many piercings is too many? We say there’s no such thing as too many – so long as you go with someone reputable and experienced to decorate your ears.

Before we dive into the trends, though, the key to getting and maintaining a beautiful curated ear is, of course, piercing aftercare. “Most people don’t take great care of their piercings until there is a problem – then they care a lot,” says Laura Bond, founder of Laura Bond Jewellery.

She recommends being proactive in your aftercare (no matter the piercing) and using a saline solution twice daily. While salt water works fine, it’s often a faff while rushing around in the morning and in the evenings after a long day, so buying a premade solution such as NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Mist does the trick. In addition, never twist or fiddle with your piercings as this causes irritation and can increase the risk of rejection, which is never something you want.

Now, onto the fun part — the inspiration! For those who can’t quite wrap their heads around the idea of a curated ear, we’ve got the ultimate guide to every single different positioning of your piercings. Plus, we dive into the price and the pain factor so you can start planning for your next piercing straight away…

Should I get an ear piercing?

As cool, dainty or provocative ear piercings can be, before you decide what type of piercing to get, you should consider if you should get one at all. You should always make an informed decision when choosing to get one, so here are a few things you should consider before deciding on which piercing to go for:

Although there is no specific age requirement for getting your ears pierced, some experts recommend waiting until a child is at least six months old before piercing their ears for the first time. This is because the earlobes are still developing, and the skin is more delicate in younger children. Additionally, some piercers may have their age restrictions, so make sure to check with the piercing studio beforehand.

It is essential to consider your personal health before getting ears pierced. If you have any medical conditions or are on any medications, you should consult a doctor before any piercing. Also, if you have any allergies, especially to metal, you may need to use hypoallergenic jewellery to avoid allergic reactions.

Getting ear piercings can be relatively affordable, usually well under £100 – but the prices rack up depending on the jewellery you go for.

Getting your ears pierced in different areas of your ear will have different pain factors. Although the sharp pain usually only lasts mere moments, you should take into consideration your pain threshold and your tolerance to needles. Of course, all piercings come with a small risk of complication, which is also worth considering.

Ear piercings require maintenance, and it’s essential to clean the piercing site regularly to prevent infections. If you don’t feel quite ready to commit to the aftercare routine, you might want to hold off on getting any piercings.

Your lifestyle – i.e. day-to-day – may also determine if you should get your ears pierced. For instance, if you’re involved in sports or any physical activity, you may have to remove the ear piercings temporarily, which could affect the healing process. Additionally, some workplaces may have policies against wearing ear piercings, (for example if you work with food or children) so you may have to remove them before going to work.

7. External factors + personal preference:

Some people may also take into consideration whether their guardians or school may have an issue with piercings. However, ultimately, the decision to get your ears pierced should be based on personal preference (as long as you’re a consenting adult of course). If you’re interested in getting your ears pierced and understand the risks and aftercare requirements, then we say go ahead.

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