People swear by vision boards to help manifest their life goals – here’s how to create your own for 2024

People swear by vision boards to help manifest their life goals – here’s how to create your own for 2024

1. Make your board a mix of things in terms of timescale

After all, it’s not realistically to expect yourself to achieve and manifest all of your 2024 dreams and goals by the end of January. Esther advises mixing short and long term things on your board. “Include pictures that indicate a bigger vision and some smaller super believable things you know are very possible for you in the short term,” she says.

“This is a great way to increase your faith in manifesting as a process. It’s so satisfying and powerful to be able to tick things off your board as you go.”

2. Don’t be afraid to make multiple boards to keep your goals coherent.

In order to visualise all the things you want as clearly as possible, Esther advises creating as many boards as you like to keep the creative and manifesting juices flowing.

“You can make separate boards for different life areas or create life sections on the board,” she says.

Recommended areas to reflect on are as follows: freedom, love, connection, fun, success and financial stability.

3. Add to your board throughout the year 

“Allow a sense of flexibility,” Esther says. “It’s okay to reassess what’s on the vision board as we go through the year.

“Perhaps throughout spring, summer, etc revisit the board and ask what is working well with your goals and what needs to shift, perhaps more support will be needed or maybe a new routine is required.

“I would encourage you to revisit this process as often as needed to re-evaluate and keep the visions on their board on track. Rather than it being a one time exercise that doesn’t get nurtured.”

Who uses vision boards?

As we mentioned, the lady herself Oprah is a big advocate of vision boards. While she now feels that she is so adept at manifesting that she doesn’t need to make them anymore, she broke down her top tips on how to make one during an interview about her 2018 film A Wrinkle In Time.

Once you’ve put a goal/affirmation or dream on your vision board, it’s important to “let it go, and not think about it every day,” she says, because “it doesn’t come to you that way”.

Acknowledging what you want and putting it in the universe is important, but so is giving yourself space from the pressure. “You can’t want it so much that you fear you won’t get it,” she adds. And above all, it’s all about being ready for the opportunity: “Prepare yourself to be there and ready when it shows up.”

An increasing number of women are taking to the internet to sing the praises of vision boards, for helping them anchor themselves and putting them on the right path towards the things they want. Haley Fountain, a nutrition coach, took to Instagram to explain how vision boards have changed things for her.

“I have already manifested so many amazing things in my life, and this vision board gives me the imagery to visualise and embody the thoughts, feelings, emotions & actions that I need to create my dream life,” she says.

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