Only Billie Eilish would pair a blazer with basketball shorts

Only Billie Eilish would pair a blazer with basketball shorts

There are some outfits that only Billie Eilish could wear, and the combo of an oversized charcoal gray pinstripe blazer plus black and white basketball shorts is one of them.

Though we’ve seen Billie Eilish hit the red carpet in prim and proper Chanel suits and vintage-inspired odes to Barbie, when it comes down to it, the musician is best known for her love of baggy athletic wear and slouchy silhouettes. This couldn’t be more evident than in a recent photoset, where Eilish wears a grey blazer over a red and white plaid shirt paired with black and white horizontal-striped shorts.

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In her dump, Eilish wore the shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar with a silver dog-tag necklace layered over the top. She styled the outfit with high socks, a New York Yankees hat, and her current favourite Bayonetta-style glasses, which she also wore to a basketball game, along with four different varieties of plaid.

The musician has really been loving plaid shirts and shorts lately, as well as the combo of glasses and a fitted hat. The full ensemble is so classically Billie in all the best ways, isn’t it? It shouldn’t work, but it absolutely does; the pinstriped jacket works well with the small square plaid print of her shirt, and the hat and shorts add that unmistakable Eilish touch.

Eilish just released her third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, and is prepping for a world tour this fall, so we’re obviously wondering what she’s planning to wear as she travels the globe performing her new songs and biggest hits. Deep, oceanic blue, and vibrant orange are the signature colours of the Hit Me Hard and Soft album aesthetic, so perhaps we’ll be seeing similar looks in those shades when she hits the stage.

This article originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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