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Olivia Dean: ‘My hair is my superpower’

Olivia Dean: ‘My hair is my superpower’


At GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards in Partnership with Samsung, Olivia Dean took to the stage to accept the Samsung Rising Star award for her incredible contribution to music (…so far, of course. She’s only getting started).

While looking out at the audience, Olivia took the opportunity to drop her gratitude at the recognition she so clearly deserves, but also she shared some of the most important lessons she’s learned so far.

“I’ve never accepted an award before, so firstly, yay! Go me!” Olivia started. “Thank you GLAMOUR, and thank you to all the women in my life who have taught me, inspired me and moulded me into who I am.”

She spoke of the duty she feels through her music. “As a songwriter, it is my job, to reflect how I feel and, in turn help you to understand how you feel – to try and help you get through that break up, or just get ready for a night out – and to document how it feels to be a woman moving through the world today. And I’m still learning how to do that,” she explained.

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Olivia reminisced on her relationship with herself and her image growing up. “As I stand up here, I can’t help but think about the 15 year-old me would who was frantically straightening and damaging her hair every morning before school in an attempt to look like all the other girls. She was deeply desperately trying to fit in and praying for the boys to say she was pretty,” Olivia said, before adding “she would be so proud of the person I am today.”

Continuing, she spoke of her journey towards understanding, accepting and finally feeling herself. “I think we live in a world now where it’s far too easy for us to compare ourselves and convince ourselves that we’re not good enough. But comparison is the thief of joy. I started to feel my most beautiful when I found my independence and I now know that my hair is my superpower and it gives me strength,” Olivia insisted.

Earlier in the evening, Olivia had given GLAMOUR a debrief of her look for the event, explaining, “I’ve gone for a Diana Ross moment, really. She’s my inspiration sort of most of the time. So, we’ve got big Diana Ross hair and a little bit of a foxy eye. Simple but chic.” She added, “I feel my most empowered when I have my hair like this and it’s all big and it’s getting in the way and it’s taking up space.”

She finished her speech by telling the sea of guests. “I’ll keep it sweet and leave you with some advice that I wish I could have given the 15 year-old me. Practise that art of saying ‘no’. ‘No, thank you. Don’t want to do that’, ” she said. “Cherish and nurture, your female friendships. Remember that you’re a whole person and you do not need somebody else to complete you. Get off, Instagram and TikTok and all that shit at the weekend and live your life.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Olivia Dean will forever be our winner.

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