Now is the time to embrace the buttermilk nail—these chic looks prove it

Now is the time to embrace the buttermilk nail—these chic looks prove it

Whether you’re a neutral nail fan or like to follow the nail trends, the latest spring mani shade is going to be right up both your streets. Sitting between a warm off-white and creamy yellow tone, buttermilk is the must have colour to be wearing on your nails right now. And it’s not only super wearable but it’s also a really pretty way to tap into the pastel mani trend that inevitably takes hold at this time of year.

First spotted on Selena Gomez’ chic almond nails earlier this year, the cosy yellow tone has become an unexpected hit with some of the biggest nail artists all creating looks in the delicious hue. The great thing about this nail colour, is that while the joy inducing tone most definitely feels timely in the run up to summer, there’s also something understated about it too. Unlike last season’s love for lavender nails and statement colour pop styles, the buttermilk mani offers a more subtle take on spring nails as you can easily dial up or down the level of yellowy goodness depending on your taste.  

The buttermilk mani also looks great on all nail lengths, from ultra-long almonds like Selena’s to short and square styles. I’m so sold on this trend, I’ve even tested it out for myself—and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. The soft, milky-yellow shade is like a dopamine hit in a manicure.

(Image credit: Jazzria Harris)

If you’re into it as much as I am, I’ve pulled together the best buttermilk mani nail inspo, from simple, colour-block manis to fun nail art designs. Plus, I’ve also found the best buttermilk nail polishes and gel polishes, so you can easily embrace the buttery goodness from home. Keep scrolling to see for yourself… 

Buttermilk nail inspiration

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