Home Beauty ‘Noir brunette’ is the luxurious colour the models are wearing for winter

‘Noir brunette’ is the luxurious colour the models are wearing for winter

‘Noir brunette’ is the luxurious colour the models are wearing for winter


It offers up another benefit, too. The darker you go, the more reflective your hair becomes, which means you can really show off shine, particularly if you pair it with gloss-enhancing haircare. “I think it’s really important to up the shine. This looks great against a wool coat, so you’re changing the texture of everything around you,” says Zoe.

How to get ‘Noir brunette’?

Your best bet is to go to the professionals who can mix up the perfect tone for you. “Different types of colour will give you either a heavier pigment or a sheerer colour and mixing all of these can be super flattering,” says Zoe. For instance, you’ll want a solid, neutral base colour on your roots, “then you take that colour just lightly to add the tone through the mid-lengths and ends, and mix in a tiny bit of gold and a tiny bit of red to give that deep chocolate colour,” says Nicola.

But, if you’re confident colouring your hair yourself, “this is probably quite a good example of an easy one to do at home,” says Nicola. You start by touching up your roots “and in the last five minutes, run it through the ends just so you get that shine and glaze on it but you’re leaving the intensity at the roots,” she explains. Don’t make the mistake of putting it all over all at once, “that will make your ends darker,” she says.

How to style ‘Noir brunette’?

One easy way to next-level your colour is to add shine. “Adding more gloss into things is almost like adding a top coat,” says Zoe. “There should be an emphasis on shine,” she adds. She recommends adding oil into hair much as you’re blowdrying it. “We use Mason Pearson brushes and the technique is to sprinkle the product onto the hair or the brush and blowdrying it in,” Zoe says. “I do this after I’ve done a holding product.”

Not sure which oils to use? Zoe loves Virtue’s Healing Oil. “I feel like we have a second generation of oils. Ten years ago, when you were using oil in your hair it was really purely for hydration. Now, with this new generation, you’ve got this mix – the healing oil has alpha keratin in, which is a super strengthening product,” she says. “Plus it’s super light so it melts in.”

And to avoid making things too greasy, go little by little to see how much your hair needs, and focus on the mid-lengths and ends before gently smoothing the small amount left at the end through the top and front sections. “If your hair is coarse and thick, I would start with healing oil because the alpha keratin will strengthen, but then I’d layer another oil that’s heavier and weightier,” says Zoe.

As for hair styles, “sleeking your hair back into buns looks beautiful, especially with this reflective colour,” Zoe says.

How to wear ‘Noir brunette’?

Curly noir brunette bob

Model, Barbara Valente, took to the Stella McCartney runway with a noir brunette bob, featuring dark roots than morph ever so slightly warmer toward the ends.


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