No, Sofia Vergara hasn’t gotten plastic surgery: ‘It’s called f*cking I’m old!’

No, Sofia Vergara hasn’t gotten plastic surgery: ‘It’s called f*cking I’m old!’

Latinas make up a huge percentage of beauty consumers in the US, but much of the industry isn’t geared towards them, while many Latin-founded and -owned companies struggle to find investors. What advice do you have for Latinas in the beauty industry?

You have to keep going. It is harder, not only in the beauty community. Finding roles is harder. It’s everywhere. But I don’t take it personally. It just makes me want to do things to create more things, more opportunities for ourselves. Not just complaining, “Oh, they’re not making, doing, giving.” It’s all about, “They’re not, they’re not.” It’s like, “Okay, so let’s do it for ourselves!” For example, I work with Walmart, and I created a clothing line that is designed for Latinas’ bodies.

Toty is also very directed towards the Latina girl that loves beauty because we have all the shades for Latinas. With Transforma, the Latina girls need it because we get melasma and have specific concerns. I just try to include Latinas in everything I do. And you have to keep doing. We just have to keep trying.

Was there ever a role you wanted that you didn’t get?


Well, then good! Perfect!

I mean, don’t forget, I haven’t been acting too much for a long time [outside of Modern Family]. I did Modern Family for 11 years and that was amazing, and now I’m doing Griselda and that is coming out in January on Netflix. That was a really crazy, challenging job, because I had to be three hours in hair and makeup before starting shooting, and then one hour removing the whole fucking thing before going to bed.

That was really crazy. I’m very excited because we’re going to do a huge press tour now in January, and there’s a lot of Latin actors in it. I think they’re the best actors in Latin America. We were able to have them for the series because it’s half in English and half in Spanish.

And finally, what is one piece of advice that you would give your younger self?

Protect from the fucking sun my chest! Because I forgot! And then work out more. I didn’t understand that working out was not just for looking great. I started working out very late. I hate it. I would’ve liked to realise that it was good for your health too.

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