Nadia Sawalha channels Kate Beckinsale in Greggs swimsuit while eating a steak bake

Nadia Sawalha channels Kate Beckinsale in Greggs swimsuit while eating a steak bake

Nadia Sawalha has taken Kate Beckinsale’s hilarious Greggs X Primark swimsuit look to another level.

The Loose Women star posted side-by-side photographs of the Underworld actor and herself wearing the one-piece swimsuit.

Beckinsale, 49, first jokingly showed her followers how to style the swimsuit, which is monogrammed with Greggs branding, in an Instagram post on Friday (2 September).

She accessorised it with a chunky white belt around her waist, a large white fascinator and vintage earrings.

Sawalha emulated her Hollywood star friend’s look with a slightly chunkier white belt and a smaller fascinator, but took the look a step further by chomping down on a steak bake as she posed.

The 57-year-old TV presenter also mimicked Beckinsale’s caption, and wrote in her own: “EVERYONE Relax [sic] you can go from hungry to not hungry in a Greggs X Primark swimsuit… PANIC OVER.

“Me and Kate Beckinsale twinkle twins,” she added.

Beckinsale previously wrote in her caption: “Everyone relax – it is possible to take a Gregg’s swimsuit from day to night PANIC OVER [sic].”

The actor responded to Sawalha’s post, writing in the comments: “I love you so much hahahaha.”

Sawalha’s fans also found the post hilarious and made sure she knew how much they appreciated the funny post in the comments.

One person wrote: “You are the best. Now get me a sausage roll.”

Another said the side-by-side snaps were “perfection”, while a third added: “You’re too funny, thank you for making me laugh on some crap days.”

Sawalha, who played Annie Palmer in EastEnders from 1997 to 1999, regularly parodies other celebrities on her Instagram account, including the Kardashians.

She posted her own take on Kim Kardashian’s viral Balenciaga “caution” tape look, which the reality star wore to the Spanish fashion house’s show in March.

Sawalha’s version of the look involved her sister, Dina Sawalha, wrapping her up in yellow tape, and writing “TK Maxx” in marker pen over her chest and stomach.

In an interview with Metro last month, Sawalha said she has “so much fun” creating her Instagram spoofs, which are beloved by her 519,000 followers.

She added that while she and Dina figure out how to recreate a look, her husband films the process for “our behind-the-scenes family reality show”, adding: “We just have so much fun and people end up feeling a bit better about themselves so, what’s not to love?”

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