Milkshake nails are the mood-boosting nail trend for winter 2023

Milkshake nails are the mood-boosting nail trend for winter 2023

It’s probably not news to you that milky manicures are one of this year’s biggest mani trends, but these days, it’s all about milkshake nails. It all started with ‘milk bath nails’, as seen on the likes of Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian this summer, with the white, semi-transparent nail polish making the perfect elevated natural nail.

What’s the difference, we hear you ask? Milkshake nails are a step up from the milky mani, being more opaque, intense and colourful – much like a thick and super creamy milkshake. Yum.

What are milkshake nails?

Milkshake nails are the colourful version of milky nails. While the latter are always white, milkshake nails come in all flavours and colours. Naturally, blueberry is blue, strawberry is pink, vanilla is yellow and so on – you just need the right colour.

For the milkshake finish, however, this should be as light and whitish as possible, because as the name suggests, milky white is the main element of the nail trend.

Whether matte, opaque or semi-transparent – with milkshake nails, it’s all about the colour. The colour should be a creamy shade reminiscent of a milky sweet, and for the classic milkshake look, it’s best to use a top coat for the ultimate shine – like the dew on a cup of an ice cold milkshake.

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If the concept of milkshake nails feels a little jarring when the colder season usually calls for dark polishes like red or black, you’re probably not wrong – but that’s exactly why we love this trend. Milkshake nails might just be the perfect way to counteract the gloomy season and put you in a good mood… plus those cool, creamy shades are technically ‘icy’ by default, if you think about it.

Fancy trying the trend for yourself? We’ve got all the best inspiration for milkshake manicures ahead.

Strawberry milkshake nails

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