London Craft Week pairs with Reselfidges to showcase the best of independent craftsmanship

London Craft Week pairs with Reselfidges to showcase the best of independent craftsmanship

Pre-loved, archival, hand-made, and planet-friendly…all signs that the legendary London Craft Week is back. With a set of fresh programmes spanning from the 13th to the 19th of May, this London-wide celebration of craftsmanship is celebrating its 10th edition and promises to be one not to miss out on.

With the aim of bringing together the work of celebrated and emerging artists, makers, and designers, the festival showcases the best of craftsmanship from around the world. Teaching participants more about avoiding greenwashing and investing in independent makers ahead of fast fashion brands. LCW also serves as a bridge for iconic heritage and contemporary brands to come together with independent makers, leaving us particularly excited for one particular collaboration.

For the first time ever, LCW will join forces with Selfridges to host five different makers across their Reselfridges department. With the aim of ensuring 45% of transactions come from circular products and services by 2030, the luxury department store introduced its ‘Reselfridges’ concept as a secondhand, rental, repair, refill and recycle ecosystem that spans all Selfridges stores.

Collection of home wear available at Reselfridges.

(Image credit: Tim Charles)

Throughout LCW, visitors will be able to buy from a curated range of unique pieces and see demonstrations of specialist craft techniques and innovative ways of making. “Reselfridges is not only a wonderful forward-thinking initiative that aligns with my sustainable ethos, but it is providing such an exciting platform for craftspeople like myself to celebrate the creative ways we are utilising recycling and using the materials we already have earth side,” says jeweller and participant, Ciara Bowles. “It seems so important now more than ever, and to showcase our work in a world-famous venue is such a thrill.”

Bowles’ work combines vibrant, detailed jewellery with the collision of diverse cultures and medieval history in her home town of London. Blending colour and ancient techniques, Bowles focuses on ethical production and craftsmanship by using reclaimed and recycled materials in her work.

Ciara Bowles ring for Reselfridges

Ring made by Ciara Bowles for London Craft Week at Reselfridges.

(Image credit: Ciara Bowles)

Being the first jewellery brand in the world to champion laboratory-grown and created gemstones, Anabela Chan’s work will also be highlighted at Reselfridges. Loved by A-list celebs like Taylor Swift, Naomi Campbell, and Cardi B, the jeweller focuses on ethical and sustainable innovations.

Chan also proudly marks the importance of celebrating the intersection of science and art. “Reselfridges is the most exciting initiative to launch at Selfridges, championing circularity and sustainability in luxury,” she says, “We are proud to be a part of the London Craft Week pop-up to showcase innovative fine jewellery creations – using laboratory-grown gemstones and recycled metals paired with creative designs and artisanal craftsmanship, a true celebration of science meets art.”

Anabela Chan jewellery for Reselfridges

Earrings made by Anabela Chan for London Craft Week at Reselfridges.

(Image credit: Anabela Chan)

The final jewellery maker that will be highlighted at Reselfridges is Lucie Gledhill. Using recycled metals for all of her collections and practicing a slow and sustainable approach to craftsmanship. Gledhill’s work is rooted in traditional hand skills celebrating material relationships with her practice as a chainmaker.

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