Lizzo got pink peekaboo highlights and matching duck nails

Lizzo got pink peekaboo highlights and matching duck nails

Lizzo is thinking pink. The musician just matched her highlights to her manicure in true Disney princess fashion to celebrate her cameo role on Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

Lizzo posted a TikTok about her important realisation, saying, “Y’all I just realized that I’m royalty in Star Wars which is Disney which makes me a Disney princess,” she wrote across her video, posing for the camera with Beyoncé playing in the background. The star played the role of the Duchess in the popular sci-fi streaming series and quickly became besties with Grogu, AKA Baby Yoda. But for this video, Lizzo ditched her character’s box braids and headpiece crown in favor of equally royal loose curls with curtain bangs, enhanced by pops of bright pink peekaboo highlights in her under layers. When you look closely, you can also see some super subtle baby pink framing her face for a shape-shifting effect.

The highlights perfectly matched Lizzo’s flared-out duck nails, which were painted a coordinating shade of pink and decorated with gemstones. A few nails were painted a milky pink, while two others featured a darker pink French tip. (If you’re not familiar with duck nails, they’re a thicker, flared style with a shape reminiscent of a duck’s foot.) The star kept her makeup simple, with dewy, flushed cheeks, fluttery lashes and just a touch of gloss, and accessorised with a pair of sunglasses. The look is definitely Disney princess-worthy; Lizzo would be right at home hanging out at the Magic Kingdom with Cinderella, Tiana, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and the rest of the crew.

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And it’s not the first time Lizzo has served up Disney-worthy realness either. The head-to-toe flower bud ensemble she wore to this year’s Grammys gave us a glimpse of a potential Lizzo Disney Princess alter ego. Ditto the fluffy pink get-up she wore to perform at the Brits. We’re just excited to see where she heads next.

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