Like me, Hailey Bieber sometimes puts her makeup on in the car

Like me, Hailey Bieber sometimes puts her makeup on in the car

What is it about sitting in the car that makes it so perfect for selfies and, in Hailey Bieber’s case, a full makeup application? There’s just something about the light filtering through the windshield that really lends itself to a precise lip or flawless blend, as you can clearly see in Bieber’s latest video – not to mention the convenient spot to prop up your phone and record a little tutorial when the feeling strikes. And no, she’s not filming and driving, don’t worry; pretty sure she has a driver to help out with the actual driving part, as you should never film and do your glam while behind the wheel of a moving car.

Apparently the car makeup application has become a regular occurrence in Hailey’s daily life, and she’s now a total pro at the quick-fix glam-up. “Been doing my makeup in the car a lot these days,” Hailey wrote on TikTok. “Here’s my lil go to [sic] routine.” The routine begins, of course, with a Rhode product — the Glazing Milk, which Hailey applies with her fingers all over her face. She then applies concealer around her nose, on her chin, between her brows and under her eyes, blending it softly with Saie’s Double-Ended Sculpting Brush and again with her fingers. (Fingers that are currently manicured a sheer, soft pale pink, FYI.)

Lancôme Teint Idôle Ultra Wear Care and Glow Concealer

Saie The Double-Ended Sculpting Brush

Hailey gives us yet another sneak peek at the forthcoming Rhode blush sticks, which she dots across her cheeks and nose – blending with her fingers for a delicate pinky-orange flush. After brushing up her brows and setting her concealer with powder, the model traces her lips with RMS’s Go Nude Lip Pencil in Nighttime, blends it with the edge of her finger, and adds a touch of blush to the centre of her lips, finishing with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Tint in the rosy taupe shade Toast.

RMS Go Nude Lip Pencil in Nighttime

Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Toast

The whole process probably takes about five minutes start to finish, and the finished product is simple and subtle, with Hailey’s pal Kylie Jenner deeming her a “cutie patootie” and hundreds of fans asking when the blush sticks are dropping. Um, same, because after seeing this video, it would be a welcome addition to my own pre-daycare pickup car makeup touch-up routine, so share the deets, Hailey Bieber!

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