Home Beauty Leigh-Anne Pinnock: ‘I miss the sisterhood of Little Mix. But this is my time now’

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: ‘I miss the sisterhood of Little Mix. But this is my time now’

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: ‘I miss the sisterhood of Little Mix. But this is my time now’


Much like everything I’ve discussed with Leigh-Anne, this refreshing outspokenness is something she’s only felt able to embrace recently, and is something fans can expect throughout the deeply personal chapters of Believe. “The book is just so open, and there’s just so much that I get into,” she says. “I thought my documentary was deep, but this, for me, was like ‘bloody hell’.

“Even in the group, I couldn’t have spoken about stuff like this, like I am with you, five years ago,” she shares, “because there was that expectation that everything had to be perfect. I don’t know if the world has changed a bit or if I’m just older and wiser,” she shrugs with a smile.

I can’t let my time with Leigh-Anne pass without asking the question on every Mixer’s lips: “Is there going to be a Little Mix reunion?” She flashes me a warm, knowing grin when I ask. “I think so. I mean, we’ve just started the solo life, so we’re enjoying that. But we’re super close, and we do miss being together. We created such a great legacy.”

But for now, Leigh-Anne is happy just being Leigh-Anne, the artist and woman who had been longing to express herself for so many years. “I don’t have to hide any parts of who I am any more,” she smiles. “Right now, I am just so grateful for that.”

Believe‘ by Leigh-Anne Pinnock is out 26th October (Headline). For more information on Leigh-Anne’s book tour in London and Manchester, visit believebooktour.com.

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