Home Life Kylie Jenner says her eyebrows ‘fell off’ after she bleached them

Kylie Jenner says her eyebrows ‘fell off’ after she bleached them

Kylie Jenner says her eyebrows ‘fell off’ after she bleached them


Kylie Jenner has revealed how a beauty mishap caused her eyebrows to “fall off” while detailing the makeup routine she uses for her current “thin brows”.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 25, shared her makeup tips and tricks with Vogue in a new Beauty Secrets makeup tutorial video, in which Jenner explained that she would be showing how to create her “Classic Kylie” look.

As she walked viewers through each individual step, Jenner then turned her attention to her brows, at which point she shared an anecdote about what happened to her eyebrows after she recently tried a bleached look.

According to Jenner, her longtime makeup artist Ariel Tejada bleached her brows for a recent campaign. However, the beauty experiment didn’t end well, with the reality star claiming that her eyebrows “fell off” as a result of the bleach.

“I just had to do this campaign shoot and they wanted bleached brows, so Ariel, I think, just left the bleach on for too long and my eyebrows fell off,” Jenner said. “So now I’m just trying to get them back.”

As she continued to fill in her brows on-camera, the beauty mogul then assured viewers that it’s “okay because thin brows are in”.

During the eyebrow portion of her beauty routine, Jenner also recalled how “brows used to be the focus of our look,” and that she and Ariel “used to always do these thick brows”.

However, the beauty mogul said brows are no longer her “main focus,” as she now prefers a more “natural” look.

“Now brows aren’t our main focus. I like natural, bushy brows,” she explained as she used the brush on the double-ended Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil to comb through her eyebrows before penciling in the hairs to create a slightly fuller look.

Jenner then completed the look with Kosas brow gel, with The Kardashians star adding: “I never thought I would be the girl to really gel my brows up like this and now I am.”

Although Jenner did not specify when the beauty mishap took place, she showed off bleached blonde brows in a series of Instagram selfies in January of this year.


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