Kourtney Kardashian proved the milk bath manicure trend totally works on short nails

Kourtney Kardashian proved the milk bath manicure trend totally works on short nails

Kourtney Kardashian surprised fans with her baby bump, and though it wasn’t the focal point, we couldn’t help but admire her new layered bob. In fact, we still haven’t gotten enough of the chin-grazing cut — but now, our attention has been redirected to her new milk bath manicure.

Kardashian revealed her new nails via Instagram Stories on June 26 calling them “milky white tiny nails,” which is an apt description in our opinion. Before we get into this cute neutral manicure, we have to give some props to Kardashian for this fire nailfie she took in her car — her hand rested on the sterling wheel, showing four of her fingers and flaunting the interior of her Mercedez-Benz in the background.

Los Angeles-based nail artist Kim Truong painted each short squoval nail with Manucurist’s Milky White nail polish, but it’s unclear if she used the Green Flash gel or the regular Green version. Kardashian’s nails were that perfect not-too-opaque, not-too-sheer colour that resembles milky water, hence the manicure’s name.

Milk bath nails aka milky manicures aren’t new by any means, and you’ve probably seen them before even if you didn’t know them by name until now. They’ve been trendy for a few years now, and we’ve spotted the white manicure on several celebrities, including Lizzo, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner, from as early as December 2019.

The appeal of the watered-down milk colour is understandable. It’s a nice alternative to beige or pale pink colours that people typically gravitate toward when seeking neutral manicures. Now that this Kardashian sister has given milky manicures her stamp of approval, it’s only a matter of time before they start trending once again.

This article originally appeared on Allure.

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