Kim Kardashian bought an iconic Janet Jackson outfit and then wore it in front of her

Kim Kardashian bought an iconic Janet Jackson outfit and then wore it in front of her

Kim Kardashian is at it again. After making headlines for controversially wearing an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala, the Skims founder is once again dressing herself in another star’s clothing. At least she has the star’s blessing this time!

Kardashian recently attended Janet Jackson’s concert in Thousand Palms, California, and for the occasion, she wore the singer’s actual outfit from the 1993 “If” music video. Kardashian bought the two-piece ensemble for $25,000 at a 2021 auction, and had an Instagram Stories exchange with Jackson about it, so it’s probably safe to say the singer is cool with the reality star wearing it.


The outfit consists of a crop top and lace-up pants with a choker necklace, and she showed it off using some Dutch angles on her Instagram Stories. Looks like a fun night out.

This was hardly the first time that Kim Kardashian has bought a famous-person memento at auction. In 2023, she bought Princess Diana’s purple cross necklace for $200,000 (okay, it didn’t actually belong to Diana, it was a loan, but she’s the only one who ever wore it). And she’s rumored to have spent $379,500 to own Jackie Kennedy’s watch. As fashion critic Emily Kirkpatrick wrote in her newsletter, in gobbling up these items, “one of Kim’s best, most viable career paths forward is to…go around acquiring…important historical and culturally symbolic artifacts…it’s not going to help her out in the popularity department, but it is a surefire way to link her name with these pieces of pop iconography for the rest of time. Kim wants to be immortalized in the pantheon of American icons so badly, but…what she actually needs to do is destroy that pantheon completely in order to become it herself.”

In Kardashian’s own words, she likes buying this stuff for…energy reasons.

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