Khloé Kardashian on the beauty hacks she’s learnt from Kim and Kylie

Khloé Kardashian on the beauty hacks she’s learnt from Kim and Kylie

Khloé tells me that she considers herself “more of a glam girl”, so her love for false lashes is understandable. “I love playing with makeup, I love exploring things,” she says.

And although she admits that her current makeup aesthetic hasn’t been as playful and colourful as it was before, she still recalls her previous looks with a smile. “Back in the day, I would do turquoise eyeshadows, I would put stars on my face, I would do jewels before Euphoria was a thing, and I would play around with hot pink lips (or peach and red). I played with so much colour and vibrancy.”

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As she looks back on her beauty journey, Khloé says that she often turns to her sisters for tips and tricks on all things makeup and skincare – beauty advice that she swears by to this day. “I get a lot of beauty advice from Kim and Kylie. They are so knowledgeable in the beauty world. And what I love most is that they’re not gatekeepers,” she says.

“I have very oily skin and no one else in my family really does,” she continues. “So, my T-zone and the area around my nose will be constantly shiny. Kylie has always given me so many tips and advice like ‘don’t use so many cream foundations’ or ‘use more powders or blotting papers instead’. They could be the smallest tips, but they’ve always worked.”

That said, Khloé points out that she often looks to Kim for a steer on her skincare regimen. “She’s the one that taught me about hyaluronic acid and how great that is for you.”

According to Khloé, Kim regularly gives her advice on “things that you wouldn’t really think of”, such as never neglecting the neck and ears when applying skincare and being mindful of your sleeping positions. “If you’re side-sleeping, you’re always [laying] on one side of your face. So, of course, that side of your face is going to be flatter than the other”.

Speaking of skincare: to my surprise, Khloé prefers to keep her skincare routine “somewhat simple,” preferring a four-step routine rather than anything too elaborate.

“I use a lot of SkinCeuticals and Jan Marini products,” she says, heaping praise on the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Oily Skin Face Cleanser (which she often uses in the evening) and the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Gel Cleanser, which she tends to reach for in the morning, followed by a face serum and a moisturiser.

As the last step of her skincare routine, sunscreen is the one non-negotiable part of Khloé’s daily beauty ritual. “I am a sunscreen lover. I wear it every day, which I don’t think a lot of people do. They’re always like: ‘It’s winter, why are you wearing sunscreen,’ and I’m like ‘Okay, the sun is still around.’ I always apply it, even on my hands, and I’ve been known to have very youthful-looking hands.”

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