Home Beauty Keke Palmer’s curled ponytail is shiny enough to see your reflection in

Keke Palmer’s curled ponytail is shiny enough to see your reflection in

Keke Palmer’s curled ponytail is shiny enough to see your reflection in


Must I wax poetically about the greatness that is Keke Palmer every time I write about her? The answer is yes. But she has been bombarding us with so many fire beauty moments lately that I’ll just skip to what’s rendered me breathless this time around. As per usual, the Nope actor clearly had no regard for my health when she stepped out looking like a dream with her hair slicked into a voluminous high ponytail.

Palmer shared her Instagram photoset on June 26 noting in the caption that she wore the look for VidCon. This lewk (said in a Keke Palmer voice) consisted of a strapless neon green dress with massive white earrings and orange pumps, which you can see best in the last two photos. The first two flicks are stunning car selfies from Palmer. Hair stylist Davontaé Washington slicked her dark hair into a high ponytail that sat right at her crown. Her tousled curls, full of volume and body, cascaded towards her chest area. From what I can see, it appeared to be a half-up ponytail.

And let’s get into these baby hairs, please. I need the edge control details expeditiously because these edges looked like they wouldn’t move a single millimetre. Washington kept the baby hairs simple with two big swoops on each temple.

Her hair looked so glossy that it was competing with her radiant skin and shiny lips. Makeup artist Sheika Daley painted Palmer’s face for the event. Daley smoked out dark pigments on her lids and waterline area. Palmer’s cheeks had a warm, orange flush that Daley could have achieved with an orange blush or bronzer. Palmer’s nose and cheekbone gleamed brightly, likely due to a shimmery highlighter. Daley finished the look with a bubblegum-pink gloss.

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I am not alone in my dramatic praise for Palmer, which you can see in a quick scroll through her comments. One user commented, “It’s the way you’ve been slaying all these looks!!!… like huh????” Another user wrote, “KEKE LET THEM BREATHE! ON THEIR NECKSSSS! Baby…this is keke Palmer!”

See!? I’m not the only one struggling to reattach my jaw after Palmer made it drop. The declining air quality in New York City was bad enough, and Keke Palmer said screw my lungs the moment she dropped these photos.

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