Jumpsuits for Men: This Content Creator Wore Jumpsuits For a Week

Jumpsuits for Men: This Content Creator Wore Jumpsuits For a Week

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

Christian Thompson found it “easier than expected” to step out in nothing but a one-piece. The trick? Not limiting himself to menswear.

If you know me, you know that I love a hyper-fixation. SZA’s SOS album — specifically the song “Snooze” — plays endlessly on repeat during my daily Hot Girl Walks. Ferragamo’s most recent Fall and Spring collections live in my mind rent-free, to the point that I might as well have been on the design team. Even the man I met briefly two days ago in the movie-theatre line has me convinced he may be my future husband simply because our zodiac signs match. (I’m a Gemini, and he’s a Libra.) But all of this pales in comparison to my latest obsession: the jumpsuit.

It all started when I saw Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet at the Dune: Part Two premiere in Seoul, South Korea. At the time, rumours had been swirling about some sort of rift between the famous friends, so Z and Timmy shut them down in the way that only Z and Timmy can: on the red carpet. The duo arrived looking like the best-dressed set of twins we’ve ever seen, in matching Juun.J jumpsuits. Both chose to have a monochromatic moment — Zendaya opting for a light-blush-pink colourway for hers while Timothée’s was in powder blue.

What’s more, the Spring 2024 runways were rife with this genderless clothing item. Saint Laurent and Ferrari went the utility route with boiler suits. Ann Demeulemeester created a sci-fi version with androgynous tailoring. And Casablanca took a more ’70s-inspired approach.

So, all this raises the question “How do jumpsuits translate IRL?” Are they comfortable? Restrictive? Conducive to everyday activities? And how hot can you feel in one? I conducted my own case study (for scientific purposes, obviously). Here’s what I found.

Day One: Hugo Logo-Tape Denim Overalls

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

Starting the week off strong, I went for both function and fashion. For running errands, I opted to throw it back to the ’90s (think Aaliyah in the iconic Tommy Hilfiger overalls — it just screams ’90s It girl) and wear a pair of medium-wash denim overalls from Hugo.

Honestly, the first day was a breeze. Although I don’t wear overalls often, I felt in my element — especially when I styled them with a sleeveless top from The Frankie Shop and a pair of Nike Monarchs (a.k.a. dad sneakers). This look felt like the perfect way to ease into the trend and adjust to the jumpsuit lifestyle. Also, opting for looser-fitting overalls not only gives you a more stylish look but also makes reaching for items on the top shelves at the grocery store much easier!

Day Two: Zara Belted Crepe Jumpsuit

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

I am not a morning person, and on this specific day, not only did I have to be up early for multiple meetings but it was threatening to rain. With the weather very much getting in the way, I was a little anxious: I wasn’t going to abandon my jumpsuit commitment, but I also wasn’t going to look too casual at my meetings. Do they even make semi-casual jumpsuits for men? The answer is “Not really.”

I found this beautiful belted women’s piece from Zara that was the perfect balance of casual meets boardroom. Bonus: Having to only style my look around one item certainly accelerated my getting-ready process. (Read “I made all my meetings!”) I decided to throw my beige trench from COS into the mix, along with beige Maison Margiela Tabi boots, to accomplish a monochromatic look à la Zendaya and Timothée.

Day Three: Zara Trf Long Denim Jumpsuit

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

Day three was a fun one! I had a few press previews to attend, followed by an early dinner at a new restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I wanted something different from what I’d worn the first two days but still sticking to the jumpsuit theme. Side note: To anyone new to embracing the one-piece garment, you may (or may not) be exposed to a different experience when using the restroom, depending on where the zipper or buttons are located. (You can use your imagination on that one.)

I found this utilitarian boiler suit from Zara that I knew would deliver the vibes. I styled it by tying the arms around my waist and wearing the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier trompe l’oeil tank to give the outfit a little more edge. Dinner was great (wearing loose items around the waist definitely contributed to that sentiment), the birthday boy was happy and I loved my outfit. All in all, it was a great day.

Day Four: Random Identities Black Tailored Jumpsuit

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

I had a fashion event to attend in the evening, and the invitation suggested “Dress to Impress” (which is always the goal, isn’t it?!). I’m definitely not one to shy away from serving the fashion girlies a lewk, so I had to find something chic yet fashion-forward in the form of a jumpsuit.

I found a sleek backless jumpsuit by Random Identities via Ssense that checked all the boxes. I went for an all-black vibe, pairing the main attraction with my Saint Laurent boots and Balenciaga bag and sunglasses. Trust me when I tell you that this look was THE moment. Not only was it a hit (shoutout to the three girls who yelled “Yaaas!” as I walked by) but it confirmed that jumpsuits can be worn at even the chicest of events.

Day Five: Twik By Simons Oversized Parachute Overalls

Photography courtesy of Christian Thompson

I chose to wrap the week up the way I started it — in overalls. I had one last fitting to complete for a TV segment I was styling and then I was free to grab a bevvy with a girlfriend. The vibe I was going for was casual but cute. (Who am I kidding? Very cute!) I put the denim aside and opted for a lighter fabric from Twik by Simons. I paired the off-white overalls with another tank top from Jean Paul Gaultier and red Triple S Sneakers from Balenciaga for that added pop of colour and extra height. Between my girlfriend saying “Love the fit” and the bartender asking me where I got my overalls, I’d consider this a big success.


So, what were my discoveries throughout the week? Wearing a jumpsuit every day was surprisingly a lot easier than expected — I didn’t think there would be such range and versatility. That being said, one-pieces are what you make of them — a blank canvas, so to speak, giving you the freedom to style them as little or as much as you’d like.

My favourite of the five jumpsuits was the one from Random Identities. It made the biggest statement, received the most compliments and was the most unexpected style to me. While I won’t be wearing a jumpsuit every day (I’ve invested way too much money in tanks, crop tops and baggy denim combos that NEED to have their moment), it is a great piece to pull out every now and then and carries over into multiple seasons. Although I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the jumpsuit and its versatility, after this week’s case study, my hyper-fixation has been satisfied.

This article first appeared in FASHION’s Summer 2024 issue. Find out more here.

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