Jennifer Lopez just co-signed the ‘sunset blush’ makeup trend

Jennifer Lopez just co-signed the ‘sunset blush’ makeup trend

A signature makeup up look for Jennifer Lopez is arguably dewy, flushed skin with a touch of strategic highlighter. But it seems even J-Lo isn’t immune to the “sunset blush” trend that is sweeping TikTok.

The star, who is currently on a press tour in Mexico for her recent sci-fi film Atlas, looked striking in a white chiffon dress, covered in ruffles, with a plunging neckline. But it was the rosy glow, placed high on her cheekbones, that didn’t go unnoticed and is now set to dominate our summer beauty mood board.

The ‘new (and viral) technique for applying sunset-inspired blush.

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What is “sunset blush”, the new makeup trend for spring/summer 2024?

Created by TikToker Alissa Janay, the viral “sunset blush” trend involves dabbing on two shades of liquid blush (pink on the cheekbone, orange just below it), a swipe of highlighter and blending it all together.

As the name implies, it takes similar sunset tones and applies them to our blusher technique in order to create a naturally luminous effect. In other words, imagine a smudgy sky dominated by warm, glowing shades of orange and pink – and, all importantly, no hard edges.

With warmer days ahead, the beauty of the “sunset blush” technique is that it mimics what our skin looks like after a day in the sun without necessarily leaning into bronzer. Plus, there is the ease of application that makes it equally appealing.

The most summery trend is the ‘sunset blush’.

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Notably, J-Lo has also tapped into another makeup trend doing the rounds: blush draping. The placement is all about sweeping blusher high on the face and taking it over the temples to give the illusion of more chiselled cheekbones.

To put her own stamp on the look, Jennifer Lopez also added a glossy peach lip, fluttery lashes, brown eyeliner and a sheer beige mani. One word: Obsessed.

A version of this article originally appeared on Glamour Mexico.

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