Jennifer Lawrence Wrangles Dogs on the Streets of NYC, Continues to Look Amazing

Jennifer Lawrence Wrangles Dogs on the Streets of NYC, Continues to Look Amazing

Jennifer Lawrence dog walking in New York is going straight to the vision board.

Photographers caught the No Hard Feelings actor shooting a commercial for Dior—for which she is a brand ambassador—in New York City on June 28, looking inexcusably amazing in loose-fitting layers while managing three leashed dogs at once. Lawrence’s chic ’fit included a pair of black pants, ballet flats, and a white T-shirt. Over the simple tee she had an open button-down shirt, a classic trench coat, and a navy cardigan tied around the shoulders. Despite this shoot taking place in the middle of summer, there was not a drop of sweat to be seen on the Oscar winner’s face.


Especially aww(e)-inspiring are the action shots showing JLaw walking with three dogs of very different sizes down the busy New York City sidewalk. Before you ask, none of the three pups appear to be Lawrence’s actual dog, Pippi. This is probably a good thing, because Lawrence is famously protective of Pippi, once telling a TMZ photographer, “Don’t touch my dog, you fucking loser.” Obviously, only a true dog-lover could manage this shoot with such grace.


Jennifer Lawrence has a particular talent for making the most awkward of situations look downright aspirational. Lately she’s gone viral for her hilarious and relatable reactions to extremely spicy wings on Hot Ones. She wore flip-flops under her couture gown at Cannes. She even looked kind of graceful falling while climbing the stage steps to accept her Oscar in 2013.

She is nothing if not glamorous under pressure.

This feature originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.

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