Is Stitch Fix the end of shopping in-store? Here’s our honest review of the personal styling service

Is Stitch Fix the end of shopping in-store? Here’s our honest review of the personal styling service

On the hunt for a Stitch Fix review from someone who’s not just been sponsored to tell you about it? You’ve come to the right place. 

Stitch Fix is an online subscription box platform that sets out to provide shoppers with the styles they love without having to traipse around an overly hot Zara store. It’s been going since 2011 in the US and made the leap across the pond to start Stitch Fix UK back in 2018. Now, in the four years it’s been live here in Blighty, Stitch Fix has been publicly backed by the likes of Venus Williams and Rosie Ramsey – of the Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast – and stocks GLAMOUR-adored brands including Mango and Nobody’s Child

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How does Stitch Fix work and cost?

The premise of the service, in a nutshell, is for buyers to fill out a quick style profile quiz – detailing everything from their fashion and accessories preferences to their dress and shoe sizes – before a dedicated stylist then carefully selects five pieces for you to receive at home. There’s also a daily ‘style shuffle’ where you can swipe dating site-style through a short selection of outfits you do and don’t like, to add that extra ounce of je ne sais quoi to your initial style quiz. Simple enough, right? And, the best part is that there’s absolutely no pressure to actually purchase your Fix if you don’t like it. You can pick and choose as you like, send your stylist feedback on the items you weren’t keen on and, on the flip side, should you fall in love with your haul, you’ll get a nice 25% discount on all five pieces as a reward for keeping the lot. 

In terms of the price range of Stitch Fix, it varies greatly from item to item. You’ll pay a £10 styling fee for each Fix, but it’ll be deducted from any pieces you decide to keep, essentially making the styling service itself free. With lower end prices hovering around £35 – including pieces from Stitch Fix’s own-brand collection, Editor’s Cut – as well as higher end fashion houses such as Hugo Boss (with more premium price points) stocked on the site, the cost of your Fix will be just as you like it and, if you’re on a tight budget, you can even make a personalised note to your stylist to tell them as such. 

You asked Google: “Is Stitch Fix legit?” so here’s our honest Stitch Fix review…

As someone whose style flits from day-to-day; athletic on Monday, clean-girl aesthetic on Tuesday, a Matilda Djerf-inspired ‘fit on Wednesday…etc, the idea of a ‘do-it-all’ stylist service had me feeling slightly sceptical. Naturally, working for a fashion and beauty publisher, it seemed an apt opportunity to give the service a whirl and put it to the test, from the POV of a quite fussy dresser.

So, after filling out my style profile, telling my stylist to steer clear of skinny jeans (heaven forbid the Gen-Z lot accuse me of being a millennial 🙄) and advising her that I was on the look out for some workwear for GLAMOUR HQ, I patiently awaited my first fix. 

Fix #1: My first Stitch Fix

Dress: Nobody’s Child, £49

My Stitch Fix stylist was Katie Eastwood; asking about how she selected the pieces for my first box, she said, “As Lucy mentioned she’d like to see some styles inspired by the puff sleeve trend, I picked out the AllSaints top and Nobody’s Child dress. Both styles had a dramatic puff sleeve that could easily be worn day to day.” Coincidentally, I would go on to keep both styles as I felt they were great day-to-night options if I wanted to pop for dinner or a drink after work. The top felt high-quality and easy to dress up and down as needed, while the dress was a top pick for transitional dressing – ideal with the colder months drawing in. 

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