Is pH makeup the secret to living our best dewy girl lives?

Is pH makeup the secret to living our best dewy girl lives?

I’ve experimented with numerous pH colour-changing products throughout the years, all leaving my lips and cheeks a childish shade of hot pink. Naturally, I didn’t anticipate this Tom Ford lipstick becoming a staple in my handbag, but oh, how wrong I was. The sheer luxury of this lipstick almost made me hesitant to use it. The packaging is divine —weighty, golden, and sleek. Twisting up the bullet reveals a nearly futuristic product – a clear lipstick flecked with flakes of gold, arranged in a spiral through its core.

The lipstick glides on giving a smooth, nourishing sensation to the lips. It’s moisturising and glossy without any stickiness and feels more like a lip balm than lipstick. The hydrating effect lingers for ages and I couldn’t stop rubbing my lips together. The colour payoff truly impressed me, making it a daily essential. It gives the most gorgeous, natural flush to my lips – a super rosy hue that’s just an elevation of my natural lip shade. Plus, it leaves a pretty tint after the gloss dissipates. Just be wary of rapid reapplication as it can intensify into a less natural, more vivid pink, which I personally didn’t vibe with. Overall, I’m in love with this product and I’ve recommended it to everyone.

Rating: 10/10

Samantha, GLAMOUR’s PA to Editor In Chief

Product: Pixie On-The-Glow Blush in Cheek Tone

Having dry skin, I look for anything that is going to give me a dewy-glow, so I was keen to try Pixie’s On-The-Glow Blush, as it promises hydration and natural colour. I love a multi-use product so the fact I could use it on cheeks and lips was already a huge win for me. It glides on giving a sheer pink tint and the PH adapts to your skin tone, creating your own unique shade of blush. For me, it showed up as a subtle but noticeable pretty pink. I tried it on top of tinted moisturiser and loved the result, so I’ll be excited to see if I feel the same on a bare face. The product comes in a handy twist-tube and with a quick swipe and blend, I had rosy blush and tinted lips – perfect for the no-makeup makeup look we are all craving right now and for the rest of summer.

Rating: 8/10

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