I’m a plus size model – these are the bridesmaid dresses I’d genuinely wear

I’m a plus size model – these are the bridesmaid dresses I’d genuinely wear

Shopping for plus size bridesmaid dresses online is a task and a half. Why? Because your bridal squad is naturally made up of women of various different shapes, so, alongside trying to settle on a style or colour that they all like, you’ll be needing it in a range of sizes to boot.

If you are plus-size, you truly understand how frustrating it can be shopping as a curvier human when – even if brands create extended ranges – we don’t even know where to look. Fear not, though, I’m here to show you what is truly out there for you right now and help you make sure you can feel just as gorgeous as your peers at the day to celebrate your loved one, because quite honestly you deserve to feel great too.

If you’d like your ‘maids to all look uniform in the same design, places like ASOS, Karen Millen, Needle & Thread, Phase Eight and Mary Benson are exactly where you should look first. These are the brands that are best known for offering the same styles for various different heights and sizes – and we absolutely love them for it. PSA: They’re also some of our favourite plus size clothing brands for general outfitting.

On the flip side, multiway dresses and mix and match bridesmaid gowns are all the rage at the moment, so opting for a coordinated look instead of an identical one is just as viable and equally as chic.

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While you may be up-to-your-eyeballs-stressed with having to plan everything else (i.e. your wedding dress, honeymoon, wedding scent, table favours and bridal lingerie), you can breathe a small sigh of relief that not only is finding the best plus size bridesmaid dresses a lot easier than it might’ve been before, but that I’ve already found 19 of them for you.

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Scroll down to find 17 of the best plus size bridesmaid dresses to buy right now.

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