I’m a beauty director and these two body sticks are saving my skin this summer

I’m a beauty director and these two body sticks are saving my skin this summer

Camilla Kay, GLAMOUR’s European Beauty Director, shares the lowdown on the beauty products she thinks are really worth the hype in her new column. In her 25-year beauty career, Camilla has tested thousands of products, so here, she reveals the new, old and cult beauty goodies that are worth hero status (and your beauty budget).

Picture the perfect summer social – the sun is shining, you’re feeling the sexy-not-sweaty kind of hot in your summer dress, your hair is behaving despite the humidity, the rosé or Aperol is flowing, everyone is bathed in golden light and if you could freeze frame the moment you’d all be laughing. It’s one for the memory bank. There’s just one sting!

A literal sting right between your thighs, aka summer dress or skirt syndrome, caused by thigh chaffing. And if you’re in the percentage of humans like me that don’t own a thigh gap, you will know exactly what I mean.

It’s the downside of Summer, when thighs are allowed to play out in the open air, but merrily rub together and chaffing causes a red, sore patch that makes walking painful and has you reaching for your trousers.

A Eureka moment for me was when I learnt the summer saving hack that a swipe of lubricant or barrier cream kills the thigh chafe, so there’s never any danger of a sting as you stroll. Deodrant does the job, but if you’d rather err on the side of hygiene, keep deodorant for under arms and stash this friction-fighting stick Megababe Thigh Rescue, £12, Boots in your bag.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Fricton Stick

I’ve been slicking it on my thighs on dress days since I discovered the the brand and its arrival at Boots. Effectively it’s a barrier cream, enriched with vitamin E, aloe and grapeseed oil and it works its magic anywhere that’s required from arms to elbows, toes or shoulders, allowing skin to glide smoothly. I can confirm it is a comfort game changer.

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