If you’re only going to buy one thing this winter, make it a pair of thermal leggings

If you’re only going to buy one thing this winter, make it a pair of thermal leggings

The minute the weather gets cold, you’ll no doubt be reaching for your winter hat, scarf, gloves and UGG boots. But what about thermal leggings? Whilst going bare-legged during this season is for the brave and bold among us, those looking to stay snug in the cold know that a good pair of thermal leggings is exactly what’s needed.

Functional accessories (think: thermal gloves and thermal socks) are something we’re all privy to, but the base layer tops, tights and fleece-lined leggings that turn your AW lewks into insulated and heat-savvy ones too are just as important.

As the darker evenings draw in and the temptation to put the heating on grows, getting under a throw blanket and snuggling up in your dressing gown becomes your pastime of an evening. But what if you had more than your flannel PJs underneath all of that to keep you warm?

Why are thermal layers such a winner?

We’ve all been there – when the dread of actually getting out of your toasty, cinnamon bun of a bed sets in and you try to get dressed as fast as humanly possible so as to avoid the refrigerator chill of your bedroom.

Building an outfit around the best thermals will make the whole routine a hell of a lot easier, and simultaneously make your day-to-day outfits uber-toasty and cosy. Even Kylie Jenner’s second drop from her recently launched brand, Khy, is focused all on what goes underneath your killer fit.

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When it comes to base layering, opting for a proper thermal pair of leggings could be the make or break between you staying chilly or getting toasty for the day, and what’s more, the majority come in at a reasonably low price point.

It’s important to note that the standard black leggings you chuck on after a day in the office to get comfy aren’t the same as the thermal pair you snap on under your trousers or when you hit the slopes as part of your best ski outfits. Thermal leggings are different because they’re made with thermal fabrics, like thermal wool or thermal polyester, which make it so the garment has thermal insulation.

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We’ve rounded up the best of women’s thermal leggings the high street and beyond has to offer below.

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