I wish my patience was as long as Hailey Bieber’s shoes

I wish my patience was as long as Hailey Bieber’s shoes

Despite the fact that I’m a grown adult, I still need to work on my patience. It seems I could take a cue from Hailey Bieber, whose latest look includes shoes as long as my patience levels should be.

The shoes in question are a classic, timeless black mule style with an elongated, pointed toe that extends the line of Bieber’s foot. From certain angles, the toe box appears almost comically long, though from others, it looks completely normal. Ah, the magic of photography!

If you’ve ever worn a mule or slingback style with a similar toe shape, you know that it can make your feet look super long; this is in part to create a sleek illusion from the toe all the way up the leg, as you can see in these casual snapshots of Hailey Bieber.


The model and Rhode founder wore the shoes with a pair of stirrup leggings, an oversized beige blazer, big gold earrings, and Saint Laurent bag and sunglasses — a signature Hailey Bieber outfit if there ever was one. The shoes are perfect for what appears to be a day of errand running; the kitten heel means they’re easy to walk in, and you can easily slip them on and off throughout the day. They work well with a casual ‘fit like Bieber’s but are also great for dinner, dates, and basically everything in between, especially if you’re going for an elegant, chic vibe.

Whenever I feel myself spiralling or my fuse starting to shorten, I’m just going to look at these photos of Bieber to calm me down. Great outfit, great shoes, and a great reminder to slow down and relaaaaaaaax.

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