I got married four weeks ago—these are the 6 wedding beauty risks I took that *really* paid off

I got married four weeks ago—these are the 6 wedding beauty risks I took that *really* paid off

Today, I learned about a new trend from a Gen-Z colleague—anti-bride. When I got married just four weeks ago, I had never heard of this term, but I think if I had known about it, I might have labelled my wedding as anti-bride. Essentially, it refers to a trend towards non-traditional wedding ceremonies and parties. Mine was very much so—no big ceremony, just a party for me, my husband and 100 guests. We drank margaritas, ate pizza by the slice and danced the night away. All tradition was fully out of the window. One thing I wasn’t prepared to strip back on? My wedding beauty routine. I knew what wedding hairstyle I wanted, what wedding-day fragrance I’d be opting for, and exactly the sort of bridal manicure I would choose.

And it makes sense that I had some very specific goals for my bridal look—I am a beauty editor, after all. But, at the end of the day, I simply wanted to look and feel like my very best self. With many years of writing about wedding beauty treatments under my belt, I felt as though I was very well equipped for this. And, actually, I was. I loved my entire look and absolutely adored the images I got out of it. How did I manage this? I took a whole load of risks—risks I wouldn’t have advised anyone else take. But as a journalist who craves high-stake investigation, I rose to the challenge. So, here you go, the six wedding beauty risks I made that really paid off.

(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

Everyone who saw me the week before my wedding had something to say about my roots. “When are you getting your bleach done?” they would ask. When I told them I wasn’t, I received many words of concern. My game plan was clear from the get-go—have my final balayage appointment two months before the wedding. Of course, this makes room for regrowth and roots. However, instead of leaving it be or touching up the roots with bleach, I opted for a root smudge and tone the day before the ceremony.

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