I Didn’t Take Off This Tarnish-Proof Jewelry For Weeks — Even To Shower

I Didn’t Take Off This Tarnish-Proof Jewelry For Weeks — Even To Shower

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate having to take off jewelry to shower. It’s another step in my routine and in this economy, who has the time? That’s why I was eager to test out some of Pearlory’s affordable, tarnish-free, and waterproof jewelry. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but am very happy that I’ve been introduced to it after having worn it for a couple of weeks straight now.

Designed for durability — and specifically to weather wear and tear from the summer sun, sand, and sea — Pearlory offers a range of jewelry produced using medical-grade stainless steel (which provides hypoallergenic benefits) and thick Physical Vapor Deposition gold plating (known for its tarnish- and rust-resistance). And with a name like Pearlory, of course there’s also pearl jewelry to peruse and enjoy (like the natural pearl necklace I got to try).

Like I said, I was initially eager to wear the pieces and test their durability in the shower and during sweaty workouts without knowing much about the brand. And now, having tried it, I’m eager to stock up on more pieces for myself and for holiday gifting because the brand’s Black Friday Sale just commenced, offering 25% off sitewide from now through November 30. That means that the already-affordable jewelry all comes in under $25 right now (hello, under-$50 luxury gifts!). Plus, if you spend $100, you get a free gift at checkout from select offerings, so it’s real can’t-miss deal.

Read on for my honest review of how well Pearlory jewelry lasted for me after wearing it for two weeks straight without taking it off at all.

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