How to build a fragrance wardrobe that covers every occasion – according to the insiders

How to build a fragrance wardrobe that covers every occasion – according to the insiders

You wouldn’t wear one outfit every day, all year round, for every occasion. So, why do the same with your scent? The idea of a fragrance wardrobe follows the idea that, when you look in your closet, you’ll pick out what to wear based on all manner of reasons: the weather, the event, the mood you’re in… the mood you want to create. Just like a well-chosen outfit can enhance an experience, a complementary perfume can do the same and more, especially given its ability to tap into your mood and memory.

The question is, where do you start if you’re building a fragrance wardrobe from scratch? We called upon perfume stylist, Isabelle Langlois and Harrods director of buying, beauty, Mia Collins, to steer us in the right direction.

What is a fragrance wardrobe?

The good news is, it doesn’t involve an actual wardrobe (some space in your bathroom cabinet or on your dressing table will do). “A fragrance wardrobe is a personalised curation of favourite scents that are worn alone, or paired together to perfectly match the mood, persona, or occasion,” confirms Mia.

“You open your wardrobe at home and you have all your clothes – your jumpers, T-shirts, blouses and trousers,” says Isabelle. A fragrance wardrobe follows the same logic. “You can have a jumper, so it would be cosy. You can have a sexy dress that’s a bit more feminine. Maybe you want dungarees – something a bit more casual. It’s a collection of fragrances, ranging from fresh florals and citrusy greens, to something warm, leathery or woody – depending on your taste – that can suit any outfit, any mood, any season and any occasion,” she explains.

“Quite often we see fragrance lovers build their collections quite organically over time, curating a wardrobe, where each fragrance has a purpose and is entirely intentional and purposeful,” says Mia.

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How to start building a fragrance wardrobe

Your starting point will depend on your existing attitude to perfume. “There are two categories of people. People who only have one signature scent who at some point may start to think: ‘OK, I’m bored now,’ and start to look around for different scents for different moods, seasons and occasions. Maybe they want something specific for when they go out with friends, or a business meeting, or a holiday – so they will start to leave their single perfume to explore. Other people, like me, are curious from day one about having different scents for multiple personalities and moods. For instance: today I feel bubbly and bright. Another day I’ll want something invisible, buttery, creamy and personal. And another day I want something very sexy. This is where people will start to build a fragrance wardrobe,” explains Isabelle.

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