Here’s the GLAMOUR shopping team’s honest Antler luggage review

Here’s the GLAMOUR shopping team’s honest Antler luggage review

Overall, this case is spot on for city breaks or long weekend getaways where a holdall won’t suffice. I will 100% be using it again, and my partner is already sharking after one too.

The assignment: I took my Antler Clifton away on my first beach holiday of 2023, to Barbados. I was there for five days, but my first experience of 30+ degree heat this side of the new year meant I had a *major* desire to overpack. I needed choice; I needed options and I needed space. My Antler needed to serve me well.

The tester: Sophie Cockett, Senior Commerce Editor, Europe.

The product: Stamford medium in Black.

Pictured: GLAMOUR’s Sophie Cockett with the Stamford medium case in Black.

The verdict:

I am *such* a fan of Antler luggage, not least because the act of having a cabin suitcase which matches your hold suitcase and weekend bag is such a luxury.

My suitcase arrived wrapped in a sleek, grey dust bag which was such a nice touch – and my first impression upon lifting it out of the box was how lightweight it was. The large Stamford weighs just over 5kg when unfilled, which isn’t very much given the quality.

Packing was a breeze: the extender added 5cm of space which meant I could overpack to my heart’s content, and in addition to the packing straps and zipped compartment, I found the suitcase divider a helpful feature. It meant my clothes remained flat for the duration of my travels, and creasing wasn’t too much of an issue.

At the airport, the TSA-approved combination lock meant I could send my suitcase away without a worry, and the 360-degree rotation wheels made speeding through customs *so* easy. I was surprised by how quietly the wheels glided along the ground.

All-in-all, my Antler Stamford was perfectly suited to a long-haul beach holiday and I can’t wait to use it again later in the year. My only disappointment was the fact that the black polycarbonate shell scratched fairly easily, so after being thrown around on luggage carousels, my case was subject to a few white marks. I’d maybe opt for a lighter colour next time so that scratches aren’t so visible.

The assignment: Headed to Puglia for a week with my boyfriend, I needed a bag big enough to fit both mine and his clothes as we only paid for one in-hold suitcase. I’m an over-packer to begin with, let alone when the weather forecast is looking mixed, requiring me to prepare for both a sunny and rainy holiday. Also, with a walk from the car port to our Airbnb in Puglia, I’d need a suitcase that’s capable of taking on a large chunk of cobbled roads. Good luck, Antler.

The tester: Lucy Smith, Commerce Writer.

The product: Stamford large in Khaki.

Pictured: GLAMOUR’s Lucy Smith with the Stamford large case in Khaki.

The verdict: Having dabbled with the Antler Clifton medium case, I had high hopes for the brand’s higher-spec Stamford range. Upon first glance I was impressed with the sleek, matte colourway and the addition of a fillable suitcase divider to keep the bulk of my clothes flat was a nice surprise when initially zipping open the case. It was something I hadn’t seen previously as part of the Clifton set, nor from competitor luggage brands. When packing, as someone who frequently ends up sitting on their case in order to seal it shut, I was pleased to find that such a struggle wouldn’t be necessary and, indeed, myself and my partner had oodles of space on either side for all our shoes, waterproofs, swimwear etc. With the expandable zip, our larger suitcase was made even larger, allowing us even a little bit of wiggle room to take gifts home.

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