Hailey Bieber can’t stop wearing winter’s cosiest colour

Hailey Bieber can’t stop wearing winter’s cosiest colour

Another day, another brown outfit on Hailey Bieber who, somewhere along the way, must have decided colours were for squares. I’m kidding, of course. Mostly.

On November 8, the model and skin care founder was pictured stepping out for dinner in West Hollywood wearing chocolate brown from head to, well, mid-thigh. Bieber wore a chunky brown pullover sweater, brown bicycle shorts, and topped it all with an oversized vintage-style leather jacket—clearly a favourite of hers. Even Bieber’s nails are dark brown.


Interestingly, Bieber did not commit fully to the monochrome. She finished the look with her black loafers and white socks (another Hailey Bieber classic) and a small black bag.

You may have been told that this autumn’s hottest colour trend is red, but Bieber has apparently gone rogue, because she simply cannot stop wearing brown. Some highlights from Bieber’s cocoa-coloured closet include the skimpy Saint Laurent dress she debuted in September and the leather miniskirt and matching blazer she wore to Kim Kardashian’s birthday party this October.

JB Lacroix

Perhaps all of this brownie dressing has something to do with her new line of lip tints which are, you guessed it, also brown.

This article originally appeared in GLAMOUR US.

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