Gigi Hadid’s casual NYC ‘fit has major Princess Diana vibes

Gigi Hadid’s casual NYC ‘fit has major Princess Diana vibes

Stop the presses because we are having a major fashion flashback, and it involves none other than Gigi Hadid and Princess Diana.

Yes, folks, Gigi Hadid’s recent stroll down a bustling New York City street mirrors an iconic style moment from Princess Diana in the ’90s. Both looks include the same star: a green chunky varsity jacket with beige slouchy sleeves. Gigi and Diana are fashion icons in their own right, and their similar looks prove that an item like a sporty jacket can always add that extra oomph to a look.

Earlier this month Gigi was seen wearing her green letterman jacket atop a few layers paired with black slacks, a pair of printed sunglasses, and a slouchy beanie, an effortless look for a cool fall day that matches her generally effortless and chic vibes. (Gigi’s jacket is part of a coveted collab between Carhartt WIP and Awake NY.)


Her casual ‘fit is reminiscent of one that Princess Diana wore on an outing in 1991 in London when she went to drop off Prince Harry at school wearing a similar green letterman-style jacket; hers is a classic one from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Princess Diana, however, paired the sporty look with a black dress underneath, adding a bit more of a sophisticated finish, one that the Princess was always known for. Though the accent piece is similar, the overall looks are authentic to Gigi and Diana’s personal styles. Let’s see the looks side by side:


Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Gigi’s reminiscent callback to the People’s Princess comes right at the helm of the final season of The Crown.

The final season of the show is separated into two parts, and the first part is available to stream this fall. Throughout the show’s run, there have been numerous recreations of Princess Diana’s iconic looks. Maybe we will see a recreation of this moment in the upcoming season?

The show premiered this week on Netflix, so you might as well tune in for both the plot and the fashions.

This story originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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