Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius is tonight – here’s what it means for your star sign

Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius is tonight – here’s what it means for your star sign

Discover the focus for your sign this full Sagittarius Flower Moon…


Making a travel plan, leaving your old life behind, starting over, learning something new, feeling full of potential and possibility, coming up with big ideas, exploring your spiritual side, writing, reading or publishing.

Let go of: Limiting beliefs as you decide to make a dream come true.


Finding your focus in life, getting stuck in to a new project, undergoing a big personal transformation, falling in lust, accepting financial support from someone, indulging yourself more, creating new ways to make life feel bigger, brighter and better.

Let go of: A version of you who no longer fits your vision.


Taking a relationship to the next level, getting serious, making it official, teaming up in business, finding true friendship, spending one-on-one time with someone, finding a mentor/agent/partner in crime who can help you achieve a dream.

Let go of: Haters, fakers and your last bit of self doubt.


Getting your life in order, putting your health and wellbeing first, finding new ways to deal with old problems, making a decision about how you want to live from now on, changing your daily routine, becoming more focussed on a goal, working harder and smarter.

Let go of: Unhealthy habits that you know are holding you back.


Stepping into the spotlight, showing the world what you’re made of, getting creative, flirting outrageously, going on dates, having a good time, planning a party, spending time with children, connecting to your inner child, becoming the star that you are.

Let go of: Worrying about what other people might think.


Getting started on a renovation project, choosing a new way to live, moving house, changing your domestic set-up, spending more time with people who light you up, making time for family members, feeling more at home, firming up your foundations, creating a beautiful base upon which to build a dream.

Let go of: Perfectionism and old grudges.


Telling someone how you really feel, being honest about what you want out of life, telling the truth, asking for help, putting yourself out there, writing, speaking, going for it with a big idea, connecting with siblings, exploring your local area.

Let go of: Secrets, lies and putting everyone else first.


Coming up with an idea that can make you money, knowing your true worth, investing in yourself, speculating to accumulate, finding freedom, building a legacy, prioritising what matters to you even if others don’t quite understand.

Let go of: Scarcity mindset on your way to the top.


Reinventing yourself, switching up your style, putting you first, releasing doubt, becoming the person you want to be, investing in something that can change your life, working towards a personal goal, changing your attitude to a dream, believing anything is possible.

Let go of: Doubt, fear and self-sabotage.


Finding inner peace, taking a break, seeking closure, turning an ending into a new beginning, starting over, getting spiritual, putting your mental health first, deciding to make a change, making time for relaxation, leaving the past where it belongs.

Let go of: Old news and outdated ways of thinking.


Finding your people, creating a sense of community and connection, feeling lucky, manifesting a miracle, networking for your career, knowing what you want, supporting a cause, feeling free, finding purpose.

Let go of: Negative thinking and negative people.


Landing a dream job, finding serious success, spending time at work, focusing on your career, winning an award, letting go of self-doubt, discovering your talents, finding an audience for your work, levelling up, celebrating a bright idea, becoming a big deal.

Let go of: Procrastination so you can go for it.

The Astrology Almanac 2024 by Emma Howarth is published by Leaping Hare Press (7 September 2023) and out now.

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