Home Beauty Fluffy hair is taking off thanks to its airy ’70s texture

Fluffy hair is taking off thanks to its airy ’70s texture

Fluffy hair is taking off thanks to its airy ’70s texture


Honestly, we’re here for a bit of oomph. Because what says “I’ve arrived” like big, beautiful, audacious strands? That’s why fluffy hair is one of our favourite diva hairstyles for drama, volume and a whole lot of self-assured style. Just as well it’s having a resurgence since its heyday in the ’70s, then…

What is fluffy hair?

So what exactly is fluffy hair? “The term ‘fluffy hair’ is used to describe a hairstyle worn by those with curly, coily, wavy or straight hair. It involves blow drying freshly shampooed and conditioned hair to achieve a stretched, wispy and voluminous look, (think Diana Ross or Farrah Fawcett),” says celebrity hair stylist, Dionne Smith. It should have “an effortless, cushioned texture that gives a weightless and airy look,” adds Tom Smith, pro hairstylist, trend forecaster and ambassador for Evo Hair and Olaplex.

And, like the style itself, it’s getting bigger with the hashtag #fluffyhair scooping up over 1.2 billion views on TikTok. “Fluffy hair is a huge trend that has had a revival recently,” concurs Dom Seeley, celebrity hair stylist and Color Wow ambassador. “It’s inspired by the ‘70s and ’80s. Think: Farrah Fawcett but more modern, or your disco divas of the ’60s,” he says. For inspo, look to the likes of Matilda Djerf. Specifically, “her bangs, wispy texture and face-framing curved layering,” says Dom. Or tap up Solange Knowles, who regularly channels some retro-glam volume with seriously fluffed-out graphic ’fros.

How easy is it to achieve?

“Fluffy hair is actually a lot easier to achieve then you might think as it’s all in the brush work: how you brush your hair out or style out your hair. It gives major volume and pillowy airy texture and can create some really cool shapes and hairstyles,” says Dom. “You can achieve fluffy hair on the majority of lengths as long as it’s layered heavily so you can get that width and volume. If it’s all one length you will struggle to get the fluffy texture. It’s much better in my opinion on just past shoulder-length hair or breast-length, again with a lot of layers around the face, this really allows the hair to have bounce and movement,” he adds.

Why wear your hair fluffy?

“I think wearing your hair fluffy gives it an edge especially if you want to lean into a certain era of a look you want to channel. It can be a mood or a vibe or just simply if you want to add a ton of volume to your hair,” says Dom. “The vibe is definitely ‘60s-’80s era, leaning more towards the ‘70s hippie era but there are also Motown elements from the ’60s, with inspo from Cher in the ‘70s and Farrah Fawcett in the ’70s and ’80s,” he adds.

“It’s a great style to wear during the summer months if you’re wanting to get that ‘70s, ’80s alternative look,” agrees Dionne. Plus, “it can be achieved on various hair lengths, from long and layered hair, to chin or shoulder-length hair, or even a top-heavy pixie cut,” she says.

How to get fluffy hair if you have curly or coily hair

“Curly or coily hair can be fluffy naturally due to the curl pattern but you want to be a bit more delicate with this texture,” says Dom. “After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply a good leave-in oil and heat protector serum, and begin by blow drying your coils and curls using a blow dryer with a comb attachment or a paddle brush,” says Dionne. “Go through hair section by section, curving the paddle brush outwards when blow drying the hair towards the end to create the flicks (a barrel brush can also be used for this too). I recommend using a hair drying brush because it maintains volume and it gives hair more texture,” she adds. “You can use a hair comb or pick to encourage extra height and volume from the scalp if you’re wearing your hair natural,” says Dom. Or, “once the texture has set and dried, you can use your fingers to gently massage any areas that are naturally ‘fluffing up’,” says Tom. “This will ensure curls look intentional, yet effortless.”


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