Fancy getting paid £19k to review bottomless brunches? Here’s how to do it | Fashion’s DIgest

Fancy getting paid £19k to review bottomless brunches? Here’s how to do it | Fashion’s DIgest

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  • Picture this: it’s Saturday. You’re in desperate need of some poached eggs and avocado with a side of unlimited bubbles. Then you remember that you get paid £19,000 to review the best bottomless brunches in the UK and head off for a tasty midday meal.

    Sound like the dream?

    Well, it could very much be your reality if you fancy joining the GoHen team to test out bottomless brunches and give your honest feedback.

    The hen party organisers, based in Bath, UK, are looking for the perfect person to head out and brunch their way through the weekend – and honestly, we’re sold.

    With a £19k pay packet to boot, you’ll be visiting various venues offering bottomless brunches so that you can vlog about the experience and provide feedback to the company.

    GoHen saw that enquiries have increased by over 1,100% since the pandemic and have decided to create the role to give their customers the best experiences.

    GoHen’s Director of Operations, Steve Roddy, says: ‘Bottomless brunch has boomed in popularity in the post-pandemic world and we’re on a mission to find the best one ion the UK to send our hens to. We’ve actually seen enquiries increase for it by over 1,000 per cent, so we felt the demand was there to warrant hiring someone in a professional capacity to go out and test them.’

    However, before you get too squiffy on the free flowing Prosecco, you’ll have to remember that you are technically working.

    Steve adds: ‘Whilst we’re happy for them to do out and indulge themselves, they shouldn’t overdo it on the bottomless fizz as we’d still enquire feedback, quality images, as well as video content for us to use.’

    Up for it?

    As per the job spec, the perfect candidate will have ‘a sociable, outgoing personality’ and be confident in front of the camera. You’ll be expected to test various bottomless brunches nationwide, film your experiences and complete the feedback reports.

    All you have to do is submit your application here by 5pm on Friday 30th September and wait for those complimentary bubbles to make their way to you.


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