Everything you need to know about choosing your wedding shoes (and the trends to tap into this season)

Everything you need to know about choosing your wedding shoes (and the trends to tap into this season)

When I got married, I thought that the hardest part of choosing my outfit would be my wedding dress – boy was I wrong. The trickiest bit? My wedding shoes.

As someone who isn’t really a shoe gal (I’m more of a Charlotte than a Carrie), I was suddenly faced with too many options for what to wear on the big day. Did I want strappy heels? Blue pumps? White block heels adorned with chiffon ribbons? 

In the end, my wedding shoes hit my two main criteria: comfortable and not too expensive. I wore the pair of low blush-hued block heels all night long without any aches. 

While my wedding shoes came after a lot of online shopping trial and error, we’ve spoken to The Wedding Edition founders Kendra Leaver-Rylah and Isabella Foulger about how to pick the right wedding shoes for you. 

It’s safe to say that Kendra and Isabella know their stuff, so much so that they recently teamed up with Christian Louboutin to help showcase the brand’s hugely-anticipated bridal collection. The new collection promises everything: from pretty ballet-like pointed pumps to feminine satin ties behind stilettos and hand-pleated chiffon and tulle, while the groom’s collection delivered equal measures of comfort and style (few could muster the strength to walk past the new patent-black show-stoppers without picking them up). 

Here, we grilled them on all things wedding shoes. You’re welcome.

What’s the first thing you should do when shopping for wedding shoes?

Before you set your heart on the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding, first you need to find your dress (or skirt, or suit).

“As much as you may love the idea of swooning over that perfect pair of shoes, you need to take into account the dress features. What is your dress style? Does your dress have a train, or a split? Is it playful and short? The location and style of the wedding is also a huge consideration,” Kendra and Isabella explain.

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, the founders then suggest picking an area of focus such as an embellished toe, a playful heel, or an elegant ankle tie to add in a “wow” factor. 

“Finally, think about your texture: if you love lustrous satins, or you give into the glisten of a jewel or the flutter of a feather – that will help to further elevate that special moment when you reveal your wedding shoes,” they add. 

How can you ensure comfortable wedding shoes?

Just because you want a comfortable wedding shoe doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. If you’re looking to marry both qualities, Kendra and Isabella suggest opting for a chic mule-style heel that will give you that extra height under your wedding dress and also look stylish if you swap into a mini dress for the reception. 

In terms of heel height, Kendra and Isabelle advise to stick with a height you know and are most comfortable with.

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