Every classical cover song in Bridgerton’s season 3 soundtrack

Every classical cover song in Bridgerton’s season 3 soundtrack

The Bridgerton season 3 soundtrack just hits different. With the release of every new season, you’re guaranteed some truly immaculate crossovers of modern favourites and classical flair, with pop hits being reimagined in the best possible way.

Though the series is set in the Regency era (1811 to 1820), Bridgerton season 3 showcases instrumental bangers from the likes of BTS, Billie Eilish and Mr. Worldwide, AKA Pitbull.

On the decision to include the Archer Marsh cover of Pitbull, the show’s music supervisor said “It’s a little bit outside of the sound of the covers we normally hear. It almost leans further into a pop sound, slightly, just because the original song is such a banger pop track.”

So should you need some inspiration for your Spotify playlist, gentle reader, look no further. Here’s all the classical cover songs from Bridgerton‘s season 3 soundtrack, in order of appearance.

Episode 1

abcdefu by GAYLE

An update to GAYLE’s 2022 hit, in Bridgerton season 3 Vitula’s cover features, with the song playing as Penelope walks into the ball.

Episode 2

Dynamite by BTS

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