Emotional-support dressing gowns to live in on dark winter days



Not to be dramatic but dressing gowns are my desert island non-negotiable. I’m not afraid to admit that during the dark winter months especially, I live in them (S.A.D girls assemble!). Which is why investing in one of the best dressing gowns for women, in my humble opinion, trumps every other sartorial purchase you can make.

The pure magic and versatility of fluffy dressing gowns makes it a true, sleepwear staple. I mean, what’s not to love? Made for days snuggling on the sofa watching TV (hello new Selling Sunset), draping over your shoulders while you make your first morning brew, keeping you warm while you WFH, throwing on as soon as you get in and of course, adding some glamour to your GRWM’s while you romanticise your make-up and skincare routine. They also act as a winter coat when you take the bins out and keep you covered on the days you just don’t feel like getting dressed. Bonus points that they also always have deep pockets making them the GOAT in your wardrobe – let’s be honest.

Along with a chic pair of pyjamas or a fleece-lined pair of slippers, a luxury dressing gown make great gifts for her. Treating your favourite person to a cosy dressing gown that they can snuggle in front of the The Crown in is guaranteed to go down a treat. I mean, name a better Christmas present than a fluffy new dressing gown.

M&S Fleece Hooded Long Dressing Gown

Skims Cosy Knit Unisex Robe

What makes a good dressing gown?

So, what makes a good dressing gown you may ask. Well, before we get into the non-negotiables, first we must learn the difference between a dressing gown and a bathrobe. Walk with me here OK, because this is important I promise. Although these trusty staples are very similar they each have a different purpose. We have the functional pure cotton or terry towelling fabrics, designed to be breathable and absorbent straight after the shower or bath. Then we have the more snuggly option of chenille, fleece or cashmere dressing gowns aka a ‘house coat’ that retains body heat throughout the day (shout out to the “I’m always cold” crew). Finally, we have the glamorous velour, satin or silk textures that purely serves in a SLAY sense all year round. Whatever your preference, I think we can all agree that maximum comfort and durability is key.

So, if you or someone you know is in the market for another robe to add to your (or their) loungewear collection, do read on – because below you’ll find a round-up of 21 super soft, comfy and editor-approved dressing gowns ranging from designer to premium and high street must-haves on the market right now.

Fan of a waffle robe that looks just like the one you’d wear in a spa? Amazon have got you covered with their pure cotton waffle robe. Squishy fleece dressing gown fan? This long, hooded soft fleece dressing gown from high street hero M&S is selling like hotcakes, complete with deep pockets, a classic belt fastening and a hooded neck. Dreamy. Run hot? There’s always one – but don’t worry about missing out on comfort. This soft, lightweight robe from the sustainable label Nobody’s Child is lightweight, silky, adorned in a beautiful floral print and made from recycled polyester. Elsewhere, find silk robes to wear atop your sexy lingerie, satin robes, velour robes, à la Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS and classic, crisp white cotton dressing gowns from none other than The White Company. Something for every style and price tag, basically.

Ahead, the best women’s dressing gowns to add to your checkout.


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