Home Beauty Dua Lipa has returned to instagram with red velvet hair

Dua Lipa has returned to instagram with red velvet hair

Dua Lipa has returned to instagram with red velvet hair


Dua Lipa has taken the idea of “new season, new slate” to a whole other level. A few days back, fans woke to find that the singer had completely wiped her Instagram page of hundreds of pictures, replacing her profile photo with a jewel blue kaleidoscopic close-up of her eyes.

Followers were quick to theorise that Dua was teasing an imminent new album (the first since she dropped Future Nostalgia in 2020). And the artwork seems in keeping with the details she’s dropped so far. The singer admitted the album was inspired by “1970s-era psychedelia,” in an interview with T Magazine, while her Barbie collaborator, Mark Ronson revealed “I’ve heard some of it, and it’s incredible,” to Vulture. He also hinted she’d be moving away from the disco tracks that she’s become known for. Discussing her Dance The Night Video he mused “I think that’s why there’s the disco ball that smashes in the video, right? This feels like her triumphant stomp on that era of her music into whatever she does next.”

Dua admitted her next chapter was“50% done” back in 2022, then specified in an interview with the New York Times that fans would have to wait until 2024 for the unveiling. But her recent antics are a surefire signal to fans that something is up.

Then, on 12th October, Dua returned to the app with a single picture showing a whole new look. She captioned the post “miss me?” and debuted a brand new red velvet hair colour in place of her signature raven strands.

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But alongside making it clear to fans that she’s entered a new era, the singer also offered up some seriously stunning autumn hair inspo (red velvet beauty is trending fyi, just ask Selena Gomez and Megan Fox), tapping into one of the biggest trending colours this season.

So, if we need more proof that rich red tones are taking autumn, Dua Lipa has just signed off on red velvet hair.

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