Doja Cat meows to every question in Met Gala interview while dressed as cat

Doja Cat meows to every question in Met Gala interview while dressed as cat

Doja Cat has officially made an entrance at this year’s Met Gala dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette.

The 27-year-old singer arrived on the red carpet stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 1 May in a look by Oscar De La Renta. The sequined, white dress was equipped with a long, fluffy train and sequin cat ears.

For her makeup, Doja wore prosthetics in order to truly resemble a cat.

The look was accessorised with a silver headpiece and matching bracelets and rings.

During an interview with Vogue’s Emma Chamberlain, Doja Cat responded to every question thrown at her with “meow”.

When asked who made her outfit, she replied: “Meow.”

Chamberlain responded: “Wow, ok, so something a little different. So what was your inspiration for tonight, be honest with me, and go into detail.”

To which Doja replied once again: “Meow, meow, meow.”

The “Woman” singer’s look was on par with the dress code of the gala, “In honour of Karl,” which was meant to pay homage to the designer by examining his fashion legacy.

When Vogue announced the dress code earlier this year, the publication encouraged guests to follow by finding a “Choupette all your own”. Choupette Lagerfeld, a white cat, was the late designer’s beloved pet and occasional muse. Despite the colour of his pet, Lagerfeld himself was known for favouring black suits with starched white collars, dark sunglasses, a ponytail and gloves.

On Twitter, fans have praised Doja Cat’s decision to dress up as Choupette.

“Doja cat as Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette…she said doja CAT,” one wrote.

(Getty Images for The Met Museum/)

“If anyone was going to be Karl Lagerfeld’s cat it would be Doja Cat,” another added.

Fans also went to Twitter to express their amusement over Doja Cat using her vape while in the background of Vogue’s livestream of the event.

Notably, Doja Cat didn’t want her iconic look to be spotted before the gala. As documented by fans on Twitter, when the singer left her hotel in New York City and headed to the fashion extravaganza, she was completely hidden under black umbrellas.

You can follow along with the Met Gala as it happens here.

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