Cardi B said screw it and just painted over her latest manicure

Cardi B said screw it and just painted over her latest manicure

Last week, our eyes were glued to Cardi B’s radiant, makeup-free skin and the long stiletto manicure we dubbed Red Bottom nails. The set earned that name because they were chalk white with vibrant red on the underside of the nails. But in typical Cardi B fashion, those seemingly minimalist nails were as short-lived as her previous short manicures. Now, her claws are a pretty baby blue bedazzled with iridescent gems. 

We got a glance at her new manicure via Instagram Stories where she showed off one of her hands with stiletto nails that are likely longer than your average bullet lipstick. They’re painted baby blue and appear to have a matte finish. At the base of each nail, her nail artist adhered luminous gems that look, from some angles, to be the same blue. 

Initially, we thought this was an entirely new set, filed and sculpted from scratch. But it actually looks like this is the same stiletto manicure as last week with a fresh coat of polish because you can see a sliver of that bright red underside. 

Although these nails have that same red underside, we won’t be calling them Red Bottoms. We haven’t figured out the best name yet. We’re considering Robin’s Eggs, but we’ll need to workshop a few more before we make a decision. 

Knowing Cardi, it will only be a few days before these bedazzled baby blues are replaced, so we’re waiting not so patiently for her next set. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an orange or yellow manicure on the rapper. Cardi, if you’re reading this, perhaps try a sunset manicure next? 

As for more inspo, we’re loving green of every gradient (and it seems everyone else is too since it’s one of the most Googled shades of this year) or for something a little grungier, we’ve been crushing on the leather-look mani.

This feature originally appeared on Allure.

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