Bronde hair is still the most requested hair colour in salons

Bronde hair is still the most requested hair colour in salons

Sitting somewhere between blonde and brunette, bronde hair continues to be one of the most requested colours in salons. And it’s easy to see why – flattering, uplifting and very low maintenance – this in-between shade, that combines caramel, honeyed and golden tones, can add depth and warmth to any hair colour.

For proof, just turn your head to the A-listers. In recent years, we’ve seen several variations of this trending shade spotted on the likes of Beyoncé, Hailey Bieber, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “Bronde is such a pretty colour and it’s so versatile,” says Christel Barron-Hough, award-winning colourist and founder of STIL Salon in Chelsea.

It can add sun-kissed warmth to brunettes, or it can dial down bleached hair for a more natural-looking finish. “It’s a great option if you don’t want to commit to a high impact blonde hair colour,” seconds Barron-Hough.

Tempted to try? Below, Barron-Hough and Siobhan Jones, balayage artist and global ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, break down everything you need to know about this shade, including what to ask your stylist for in salon. Plus, we round-up our favourite celebrity bronde hair looks for inspo.

What colour is bronde?

A combination of colours, bronde bridges the gap between blonde and brunette. “It’s a perfect mix of brunette, dark blonde, light blonde and golden gloss hues,” explains Barron-Hough, who adds that the result is a natural-looking colour that’s full of depth and dimension.

Currently having a moment, Barron-Hough has seen a rise in request for tailor-made bronde looks in her salon. For instance, “golden autumn bronde like Olivia Palermo, caramelised bronde like Beyoncé and soft bronde a la Hailey Bieber are all in-demand.”

How to get bronde hair

The key to bronde hair is dimension, “so ask your colourist to add several shades of colour to your current base,” advises Barron-Hough. “Depending on how cool or warm your skin tone is, these shades can be dialled up or down.” Jones agrees and adds that your stylist will be able to recommend the tones that’ll suit your specific skin tone and eye colour.

Generally speaking, “warmer complexions have the option of rich golds, lived-in copper and chocolate brown hues. Whereas cooler complexions have the option of creamy blonde, beige gold blonde and muted brunettes,” says Barron-Hough.

Is bronde hair low maintenance?

Not only is bronde hair extremely versatile, flattering all skin tones, hair types and textures. It’s also incredibly low maintenance. “It’s designed to be low maintenance as the root area is often softer and a little darker,” confirms Barron-Hough. Meaning that root regrowth is less obvious and touch-up appointments can be drawn out – double win!

A low-maintenance, super flattering, on-trend colour? We’re in. Get some inspiration below…

The very best of bronde…

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