Boho braids are TikTok’s favourite protective hairstyle – and we can see why

Boho braids are TikTok’s favourite protective hairstyle – and we can see why

Before, stars wore the style in waves and even long, straight wispy layers (Beyoncé was the Queen of this, circa 2003). Now the texture is almost always curly, which blends with the braids more easily than straight pieces would.

Boho braids also mainly use human hair, whereas pick-and-drop featured synthetic hair. These braids are one of the most popular ways to get flowing hair extensions that look natural. And by using human hair, there is newfound versatility. According to Sims, the look can be styled with heat and there is less matting. If you’re partial to synthetic hair, Runata says you can still use it, but it works best in just the braids, and not the loose hair.

What to know before you get Boho braids

If you want a really professional finish and to avoid too much hair breakage, this protective style should be reserved for the salon. Rutana explains the look requires a high skill level. “I use a knotless technique, so it’s easy on your natural hair to ensure there’s not as much breakage,” she says, which it isn’t easy to do on yourself.

Working with human hair (which is recommended for this style) “can be challenging due to the softer texture of the hair which makes it hard to grip,” says Rutana, so if you’re looking for an impeccable finish on the first go, it’s probably best to leave it to a professional.

It’s also a good idea to consult with your stylist to establish if they will provide the hair or if you need to source it ahead of your appointment. Many salons don’t provide hair extensions, so oftentimes, you’ll need to visit your local beauty supply store ahead of time. Stylists can usually advise on what hair to buy — Runata loves Bohotress braiding hair which is exclusively available online in the UK.

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How to prep your hair for Boho braids

Whether your hair is in its natural state or has a treatment like a relaxer or texture release, you still want to arrive at your appointment with washed and blow-dried hair. Some stylists offer this service – but if it’s unavailable, a simple shampoo to cleanse your hair and scalp followed by a conditioning treatment to moisturise and a thorough blow dry is all you need.

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